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Trend for fall: gloves, fingerless gloves, long gloves and more gloves

Fall inventory is pouring in to stores all around, and they've all got one key fall accessory in stock: gloves. We've already seen every starlet don the fingerless type at one point or another, but some retailers want to slip in other styles into your shopping lists. Elbow length, delicate knits, long fingerless and wools, anyone? I was a little wary, even after seeing the huge stock of gloves on Shopbop, but then I saw this lovely gray dress and silver bag complemented with runched elbow length fingerless gloves. Even if they'd look like gym socks by themselves, those cotton gloves really work on that girl, no? US$87 for closed finger gray gloves, US$58 for shorter fingerless gloves, US87 for fingerless long gloves.

Mariah Carey follows the nudie trend in Interview magazine

Another magazine cover, another naked celeb and this time it's the ample Mariah Carey's charm we get to admire. It's beginning to become a bit of a trend what with Claudia Schiffer, Eve Mendes and Heidi Klum (who felt confident enough to strip twice in so many months) all showing us what personal trainers, doing The Zone, bathing in ewes milk or whatever other new-fangled gimmick A-Listers use to keep their bodies beautiful.

However, what I especially love about Mariah's cover is that she actually looks natural. As well as hiding behind what looks to be a curtain, Carey talks to this month's issue of Interview magazine about finishing her new record, her very public breakdown and a new movie role. I'm one of only five people in the world who loved the movie Glitter so I can't begin to tell you how excited I am about this news

So, who do you think looks better with their designer togs off?

[Source:Just Jared]

New Angelina Jolie for Shiseido advertisements

Did someone say Angelina Jolie? Come on guys, you should know by now I can't resist her wily's almost as if her appeal attracts both men and women. I thought Angelina was supposed to take a year long break soon after her St John adverts were released. But AJ's still as busy as ever, trekking with Brad all over the globe, popping up here and there with her entire orphanage of kids and turning out one beautiful advertisement after another. These particular Shiseido adverts are aimed at Japan - surely her beauty (definition, luminous bedroom eyes, and crystal clear skin) speaks to Japanese women, too?

[Source; Just Jared]

Get Vogue Paris-inspired leopard print on sale now at Net-a-porter!

Is it just me or does this month's cover of Vogue Paris instantly remind you of Shania Twain in her 1997 music video for "That Don't Impress Me Much"? In head-to-toe leopard print it was a pretty unforgettable outfit. Flash forward ten years (wow, has it really been a decade?) and the September cover of Vogue Paris features model Natasha Poly covered in leopard print from Givenchy's fall/winter '07 couture collection - check out the helmet!

While I was never much of an animal print kind of gal, on some people it can make quite a statement. An example is Penny Lancaster, Rod Stewart's new wife, who always seems to carry off this trend well. Sienna Miller was also recently seen on the beaches of Ibiza wearing a leopard print sarong that she also doubled as a scarf back in July.

If, like Penny and Sienna, you're a bit of a fan of the whole leopard print trend then don't I have some good news for you. Net-a-porter currently has up to 75% off in its end-of-year clearance sale and there are some definite bargains on offer.

First up is this Diane Von Furstenberg leopard print wrap dress massively reduced from £272 to just £68 (yes, really!) Also on sale is this velvet leopard print skirt by Marc Jacobs for £592.50 (reduced from £1,185).

And finally, if you're a little more hesitant about trying out this trend then marked down from £290 to £174 are these leopard print t-bar heels by Fendi. Match it simple black trousers, a skirt or LBD.

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Yay or Nay Wednesday: would you rather go naked than wear fur?

Our last Yay or Nay was the petunia swing turtleneck from Anthropologie. Most of you said that it was a wholehearted "Nay!", although one our our fabulous readers pointed out they "think it would look great on someone with long brown hair and a chunky fringe".

We featured Janice Dickinson marching (half) naked with her (fully) naked male models in protest of wearing fur, earlier this week. This got me thinking. Would you, in fact, rather go naked instead of wearing fur like Janice? Yay or Nay?

[via Just Jared]

New Sarah Jessica Parker 'Bitten' range to hit stores soon

Fabsugar has the low-down on when new fall stock of Sarah Jessica Parker's 'Bitten' collection is due in stores. New items have already began popping up in-store on August 10th with the entire range available from September 15th. While it may seem like a bit hit or miss with some shoppers, the entire collection will still remain in the very affordable $20 or less range.

What can we expect? An expanded range of around 500 items including clothing and accessories. Keep your eyes peeled for classic outerwear pieces in a variety of fabrics such as wool, cashmere and denim. In addition to an extended range of handbags, jewellery, belts and the usual hats, scarves and gloves.
Visit the
Steve & Barry's website for store locations.

[Source: Fabsugar]

Fergie takes on her jeans nemesis: skinny fit, high waisted and bright purple!

Ah, Fergie, you gotta love her! Well no, you don't, but personally I'm definitely pro the Fergster simply for having the guts to give this outfit a go! High waisted skinny fit bright purple jeans aren't high on my list of future purchases I'm afraid, although if I was as tiny as her I too might be tempted to give it a try. I love the understated black top but it's the belt that really causes me difficulty; I'm just not sure whether wearing it low-slung on a pair of high waisted jeans really works. What do you think?

[Images: Source]

Alice + Olivia's Marchesa dress as seen on Sienna Miller

At the spring 2007 ready to wear shows in September 2006, Marchesa showed a pretty grey dress decorated with floral appliqué along the bust. It was soon seen on Sienna Miller (with Jude Law) at the opening of the Metropolitan Opera for the 2006/07 season. Now a similar dress made by Alice + Olivia is available for you to buy for only $297. Their Rosette Tube dress is strikingly similar to the Marchesa one, with chiffon overlay detail and rosette detail at the bust, the only difference is the length and the colour.

What do you think, too similar for comfort, or a fabulous cheaper buy?

[Images from Getty and Shopbop]

Psst... Is Amy Winehouse Hedi Slimane's new muse?

Is troubled rocker Amy Winehouse Hedi Slimane's latest muse? WWD reports that the former Dior Homme designer has recently posted two images of Winehouse (above) on his website as part of his visual diary.

It seems that Slimane may be developing an affinity with fallen musicians. He recently dedicated an entire photo-book to Pete Doherty as well as having a well-known fascination with Courtney Love whose portraits also appear on Slimane's website.

Do we see the early stages of a new career for Slimane from designing to photography?

[Source: WWD /]

It's Diane Kruger vs Debra Messing in Gaultier belted dress

There's nothing I love more than a celebrity fashion face-off and I've got a beauty here in Debra Messing and Diane Kruger. The shades may look different but after going back though the Shiny fashion archives I noticed that both actresses were spotted out wearing identical Jean Paul Gaultier belted purple frocks.

Debra chose to wear hers at the unveiling of Saks Fifth Avenue new shoe department with a chunky black bag while Diane (who was snapped in it first) wore hers to the Cartier International Polo Day, accessorising with a rather tasty looking Joshua Jackson.

The question here is who do you think pulled it of better? Does Debra's gorgeous red hair complement the dress enough to swing it for you or do you prefer Diane's relaxed style with loose locks and an added black patent belt?

Orlando Bloom's Uno hair product commercial

Time for some Friday night eye candy. We showed you Angelina Jolie’s ads for Shisedo earlier this week, well here’s a clip of Orlando Bloom modeling/acting in a 2 minute commercial for Uno (owned by Shiseido) hair product, Fiber Neo.

Even if you don’t usually watch YouTube videos, this one is fabulous for eye candy.
For more beauty and product news check out
Kiss and Make Up.

Wide-leg trousers on the high street

I've picked out three of the best wide-leg trousers on the high street for you. First up is the smartly tailored French Connection trousers which are great for work and social occasions. Topshop are also doing some great trousers at the moment, this slouchy high-waisted pair are gorgeous. Finally La Redoute's tweedy trousers don't have turn-ups but still have that great tailoring. See after the jump for full product details.

Tom Ford's new fragrance for Men gets a sexed-up launch

There's a fine line between sexpot and sex pest and Tom Ford seems to have made a career out of it. Tom Ford for Men, his latest fragrance was launched with an ad campaign shot by uber perve Terry Richardson and if you thought it couldn't get any more risqué that a G shaved into pubic hair think again. As well as the pictures above the ad campaign also features a picture of a naked woman with an oversized bottle of the fragrance between her thighs... Classy.


Friday, August 24, 2007

Naomi Campbell slams Vogue's preference for white models

Naomi Campbell has slammed magazines like Vogue for sidelining black models by giving preference to fair-skinned women.

The stroppy supermodel said that ‘it is a pity that people don’t appreciate black beauty’.
The 37-year-old admitted that she herself finds it difficult to get a chance to appear in the cover page of the London issue of Vogue magazine.

“Black models are being sidelined by the major modeling agencies. It is a pity that people don’t appreciate black beauty,” Times Online quoted Campbell, as saying.

“Even myself, I get a raw deal from my own country in England. For example, I hardly come on the front pages of the London Vogue magazine. Only white models, some of whom are not as prominent as I am, are put on splash pages. I don’t want to quit modeling until I find that black models get equal prominence and recognition by the world media and information instruments.”

“I believe there are pretty girls from your lovely country who can grace the international catwalk and the front pages of fashion magazines with proper strategies.”

Campbell is now planning to start her own modeling agency in Kenya to look for African faces.
However, she agreed that it would take time to being the change in the industry.

“You can look through all the big magazines and see hundreds of models and not see a single black one. So anything which increases the pool of African talent is a good thing, but it will be a while before we see a big change in the industry,” she said.

Hayden Panettiere stars in 'Got Milk' campaign

Teenage actress Hayden Panettiere's fame is clearly on the rise, as the Heroes star has been accorded one of the celebrity world's highest accolades - as the latest milk-mustachioed face of the "Got Milk?" advertising campaign in the US.

The actress - who plays Claire Bennet in the hit series which is being shown on BBC2 - will appear in new print ads next month, which were shot by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz.

Panettiere, who celebrated her 18th birthday last week, wears a red dress and the famous milk moustache in the commercials, which show her holding an exploding glass of milk, accompanied by the slogan: "You don't have to be a hero to feel invincible. That's why I drink milk."

She joins an elite list of celebrities including Britney Spears, David Beckham, and Beyonce who have fronted the campaign to encourage youngsters to drink three glasses of low-fat or fat-free milk a day.

The actress joked to US chatshow host David Letterman on his Late Show recently about reaching her milestone birthday: "I don't think much changes when you're 18 - maybe the way people treat you.

"But I think the only things I can do is buy cigarettes, porn and, if I get in trouble with the law, I'm kind of screwed."

As well as having a party on the beach, the young starlet also registered to vote.

Victoria's Secret reveals expansion plan

The American lingerie brand Victoria's Secret is looking to expand into accessories and sportswear in an attempt to pull in more consumers. The news follows deflated profit margins which the brand hopes will be ‘perked up’ by driving sales in an increasingly crowded market. The company is looking to buy bigger stores with more square footage in order to devote more space to categories such as sports bras, yoga wear and swimsuits.

Sharen Turney, the chain's chief executive, of the upcoming Victoria's Secret Sport line, said. “It will be combining technology and fashion and sexy into one." Turney also told Reuters that swimwear will drive new shoppers into stores and provide a counterbalance to holiday sleepwear sales.

Denim fans rejoice as Ditto Brand returns

Cult seventies jeans brand Ditto are making a comeback, soon to be hitting the shelves at Harvey Nichols and Harrods. The revival of the brand has been instigated by Daniella Clarke, the founder of Frankie B jeans and a fan of the Ditto brand from her youth.

The jeans brand was famous for their flattering fit and bright colours. With brightly coloured jeans now all over the high street, the original and best return to show them all how it’s really done.

The jeans were identified through their extra tight fit and shapely cut, high waisted and flared with a U shape on the rear creating a flattering and sexually provocative aesthetic. Their trademark was a multitude of vibrant rainbow colours, from pillar box red to bright green.

The jeans became an enduring cult hit in the late 70s, with many blogs today dedicated to the brand, full of nostalgic fans of the originals still recounting the excitement generated on their release.

Their return has prompted what could be described as a consumer frenzy, with customers calling up in order to try to reserve pairs before the imminent onslaught in stores.

As well as the reissue of classic styles, Dittos are also launching an updated range consisting of high waisted hot pants, logo’d t-shirts and skinny cut hipsters.

Celia Birtwell for Topshop

Upmarket designer and 1960s favourite Celia Birtwell has created a third collection for high street retailer TopShop. The range consists of 5 extremely limited edition luxurious silk chiffon dresses alongside a more accessible main line of dresses, underwear and accessories, all bearing Birtwell’s signature print designs.
Prices for the main line start at £35, however the exclusive chiffon dresses will be going for between £120 - £150, incredibly cheap when you consider the price of a Birtwell original.

However, only 250 of each of the 5 exclusive designs will be created, again raising the question of snobbery on the high street. Designer collaborations with high street stores such as this one aim to bring designer looks to a wider audience; for the sake of inferior fabrics and workmanship, designer dresses can be made accessible to the regular middle income girl. However, with stores placing this strict limit on numbers, the elitist nature of the designer goods remain, creating a paradox over the whole venture.

Inspired by the romantic silhouettes created by Ossie Clark, Birtwell’s former husband, expect a soft, 70s feel with floor sweeping skirts, ditsy floral prints, frothy chiffon and winding ruffles, creating summery styles loaded with femininity. A high luxe approach gives the range a superior feel.

The main line launched this week; the limited edition dresses will go on sale from September 9.
View and shop for the range at

Naomi Campbell speaks out against racism in Fashion

Supermodel Naomi Campbell has set the cat amongst the pigeons (again), after telling a Kenyan journalist earlier this week. “It’s a pity that people don’t appreciate black beauty.” She continued. “There is prejudice. It is a problem and I can’t go along anymore with brushing it under the carpet.”

Campbell also complained that she rarely features on the cover of British Vogue; the model has so far appeared a total of eight times, which when compared to Kate Moss’ enormous 24, is a small amount. The supermodel first appeared in British Vogue in 1987, and has risen to fame to join an extremely small number of prominent black models, also added. “This business is about selling, and blonde and blue-eyed girls are what sell.”

Campbell, who should be congratulated for always taking the bull by the horns and never shying away from this issue, is now talking of loose plans to open a modelling agency in Kenya, to help rebalance the situation.

In or Out?

Denim Sales Dip, But Have True Blues Really Lost Their Cool?

If you've walked around Adams Morgan on a Friday night over the past five years, you've seen the fashion formula: dressy top, strappy heels, killer jeans. Predictably, the jeans are designed by an obscure brand (Seven? Try Sass & Bide), but they bear a subtle pocket stitch that says to the savvy, "Why yes, these did cost $275."

A couple of years ago, the uniform started looking passe; even the neighborhood's glam girls moved on. Nationally, women's denim sales have taken a nose dive. U.S. sales were down 6.2 percent for the 12 months through June, according to market research firm NPD Group. In the coveted 18 to 34 demographic, they plummeted 15.5 percent.

So, is denim really fading out of fashion?
It depends on whom you ask. Many area stores say their business is as strong as ever. But to some industry watchers, there is a problem, and it may start with premium denim -- those fastidiously faded, hand-whiskered blues that promise to perfect your posterior for $200 to $500 a pop.

"Premium denim doesn't seem to be so elite as it once was," says Jackie Flanagan, owner of D.C. boutique Nana. Indeed, high-end jeans are so ubiquitous that it's easy to forget that Sevens didn't even exist 10 years ago. Now the brand shares shelf space with Blue Cult, True Religion, Citizens of Humanity, Paige and a dozen more labels most shoppers would struggle to distinguish.

Though many brands were once sold exclusively at swish boutiques, now you can add Rock & Republic jeans to your shopping cart at Costco along with Kirkland Signature sheets and a 24-pack of mac and cheese. Shoppers have never been exposed to so much designer denim -- and some of them, overwhelmed by options, are buying less. "People are more educated and more selective," Flanagan says. "They are not blindly consuming the trends."

The trends themselves have proved problematic. "The product has been kind of dull," says Eric Beder, retail analyst at Brean Murray, Carret & Co. By contrast, the late 1990s offered a dizzying array of options: The ultra-low rise seemed new and exciting (much to the chagrin of parents nationwide), and embellishments were extravagant, be they Gucci's feather-trimmed jeans or denim strewn with chunky grommets and tough zippers.

But for the past few seasons, dark, straight-leg, unadorned denim has dominated the racks. The style is classic and generally flattering, infinitely more tasteful than flashing your thong to the world. But in its simplicity, it lacks the razzle-dazzle some consumers have come to expect from denim. "There's been no real reason to shop," Beder says.

If basic denim styles haven't impressed consumers, neither have flashier trends. Consider the skinny jean, a style that gave women everywhere a new reason to hate their hips. It was splashed all over fashion magazines and sported by swizzle-stick stars, but it didn't do well at certain stores for a simple reason: "The skinny denim look doesn't work for most women," Beder says.

"I think people wanted to try it, but not necessarily wanted to buy it," Flanagan says.
There's also the celeb factor. "If you look at what young
Hollywood is wearing, it isn't Seven jeans anymore," Claire Brooks, president of brand consulting company ModelPeople, wrote in an e-mail. Sienna Miller, Keira Knightley and other starlets du jour have all but abandoned denim on the red carpet in favor of dresses -- long, short, sparkly, sleeveless. And what the A-list wears, everyone else wants. "It was the spring of the dress, and then the summer of the dress, and now it's just the year of the dress," Flanagan says.

It may not be the year of the jean, but most trend watchers are confident that denim will get its groove back. "Denim has had an iconic staying power since James Dean," Brooks wrote. Many local stores seem unaffected by the national sales slump. "No matter what, every change of season, we're always selling a ton of denim," says Jessica Baca, store manager and buyer for Wink in Georgetown. "Even when people don't really like the trends."

As it happens, this fall brings looks that retailers believe shoppers will like, such as 1970s-inspired wide-leg styles and the revamped skinny jean, souped up in rainbow-bright hues. But whatever you choose, don't ditch those basic blues quite yet. Thanks to an ever-quickening fashion cycle, with one perfect paparazzi shot a style can go from "out" to "in" overnight.

Sharapova unveils inspired U.S. Open wardrobe

Maria Sharapova loves New York, especially its style and skyline.

When Sharapova defends her U.S. Open title next week, she'll be wearing tennis dresses decorated with graphic interpretations of the cityscape on the chest.

The designs, created in collaboration with Nike senior designer Colleen Sandieson, were unveiled Wednesday evening on a rooftop at Rockefeller Center.

Like last year, Sharapova will have one outfit dedicated for day play and another for night matches.

"It's always important to feel comfortable in what you're wearing when you're playing, but in tennis, you can do so many things with your wardrobe," Sharapova said wearing the flame-red dress in a flared shift silhouette that she'll wear at night.

The color is in honor of the Big Apple. "I've worn a red top before but never a red dress, but there is no better place to do it than New York," she told the Associated Press.

The dress is a sleek garment made of a breathable wicking jersey and constructed with a no-sew technique with seams bonded with heat and silicone instead of thread.

There are more than 600 Swarovski crystals incorporated into the design, adding a little flash to the outfit, but Sharapova said it's simple and classy, which suits her taste. "I don't like things with too much pattern ... things that are tacky."

There also are three crystal buttons down the back, creating a keyhole effect.

For the daytime, the look is similar but in black and white -- and without the crystals. It has a scoop-back design that facilitates movement, according to Sandieson.

Performance is always the priority, Sandieson said, but she and Sharapova strive for designs that marry function with fashion.

"She has a fantastic game and I have a lot of respect for that but she has a great eye for detail," Sandieson said. "She's got a style that's very natural to her, and she also knows what she likes and doesn't like."

Sharapova, 20, has become a player in the fashion world and has sponsorship deals with Parlux Fragrances, handbag company Samantha Thavasa and watchmaker Tag Heuer in addition to Nike. She follows Venus and Serena Williams and Anna Kournikova as tennis players who are also seen as style icons.

"She wears clothes that a lot of other women would like to own and look good in," said Susan Kaufman, editor of People StyleWatch.

Kaufman also notes that today's tennis stars are photographed when they're off the court, too, giving more of a glimpse of their personal style.

Sharapova noted that the U.S. Open, which runs Aug. 27-Sept. 8, coincides with New York Fashion Week and she tries to make it to at least one show. For the past two years, it's been Marc Jacobs but she also hopes to make it to Michael Kors, Peter Som and Vera Wang this year.

Once her tennis career is over, she said, fashion is something she'd like to further explore.

Copyright 2007 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

Posh pens fashion bible

Victoria Beckham, wife of soccer star David Beckham will release a style guide in November, titled 'That Extra Half an Inch: Hair, Heels and Everything in Between'.

"I've always been a girl's girl," the Spice Girl said in a statement.

"And I know from experience that making the very best of your self is something any woman can do.

"I was never the 6-foot-tall pin-up. I've always been the girl-next-door who got lucky. I've come a long way in the last ten years, but this book isn't my attempt to tell you what or what not to do. It's just to share some of what I've learned."

According to publisher HarperCollins, the book will offer guidance on everything from leaving home looking great to getting dressed up for special occasions.

Beckham's ability to sell books, at least other people's books, has already been demonstrated.

Last year, she was photographed holding a copy of 'Skinny Bitch, a diet guide' by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin.

That book quickly became a best seller.

Kate Moss scents an end to her troubles

The imminent launch of her first perfume, Kate by Kate Moss, is a sign that the 33-year-old model has ridden out the scandals that looked set to destroy her career.

Moody pre-launch photographs shot in Marrakech show her in a field of wheat - a natural beauty far removed from the seedier side of life that once threatened to overpower her image.

In the past two years she has been accused of cocaine use and endured an on-off relationship with Pete Doherty, who is battling drug addiction. The couple recently split.

The cocaine scandal cost the lithe beauty some high-profile contracts including with Chanel, Burberry, H&M and jeweller H.Stern.

But, after a stint in rehab, her career revived. Earlier this year, her annual income was estimated to be $11.5 million.

In the past, Moss has lent her famous face to other perfumes - Anais Anais, Chanel Mademoiselle and Calvin Klein Obsession.

With the release of Kate by Kate Moss, through cosmetics giant Coty, she continues her move into the realm of the entrepreneur.

Sienna Miller Supports Global Cool Fashion

Sienna Miller has been showing her support for a global warming campaign by sporting a trendy new tshirt.

The actress is among a long list of celebrities supporting the Global Cool campaign and wore their specially designed tshirt for a recent campaign trip to Mumbai.

"I’m here in India to help spread the word about Global Cool and how we can all make a difference in tackling climate change issues,2 said Sienna

In the style of the popular 80s slogan tshirts the top reads "The People Versus Global Warming". The design has become the latest fashion must have and is now available for the public to buy.

Kate Bosworth and Rosario Dawson have also been seen wearing the same tshirt and Josh Hartnet and Heather Graham are also supporting the campaign which aims to get a billion people to donate a 'Tonne of Cool'by using online tips to reduce their Co2 emissions by a tonne in a year.

Global Cool t-shirts are also eco-friendly made from 70% organic bamboo and 30% organic cotton which is then shipped to the UK. The fabric woven from bamboo yarn is light, almost translucent, and softer than cotton. It has a natural quality that feels like silk, but has the advantage of being machine-washable.

This natural fibre is hypoallergenic, absorbent and fast drying. It is the most sustainable of the natural fibres. It is fast-growing, the type of bamboo used for making fabric is commonly known as Moso, and every garment made from bamboo is 100% biodegradable.

The bamboo used for the fabric is planted and grown on family-owned farms in China that have been in agriculturally used for generations.

You can buy your own Global Cool Tshirt and register your Tonne of Cool at
Also if you're a fan of Sienna Miller's fashion tastes check out our latest
Style Steal

50 Cent Talks Fashion from Kanye to Southern Acts, "They still didn't grasp the concept that throwbacks are done."

50 Cent recently caught up with Connected, a New York City lifestyle magazine that covers everything from sneakers to street meat. In addition to talking about the mixtape market and Eminem, he let if fly (in true 50 fashion) about current hip-hop trends and why he had to take it back to the Champion hoodie. Check out an excerpt:

I've noticed in your recent videos that you have been wearing Champion hoodies.

That is classic cool. You know, the super deep hood. I just had to get back to that design because I was having issues with my clothing company. I wasn't even wearing G-Unit clothing for a while but we straightened it out. It's not just a business idea, but when I can actually pick and approve it, I want to wear it because it already has my influence on style. It's almost like having your closet on sale to the public. If you look at artists from down South, you might see some of them still wearing jerseys. They still didn't grasp the concept that throwbacks are done. I will tell you this though, "really fly" to Southern artists means really expensive.

Which is different for you because you got jewels, but as far as your clothes, even trend wise everyone wants to be bright-clothes, stand out, rock star.

There's a lot of it out there. You know what it is, they are trying to find something new and the hip hop guys will see it and say I like that. You'll see them start to get influenced by it and rock skulls in their clothing, belt buckles and chains. That is rock and roll style right there. For me, I never go too far from my house; I always keep a sense of direction of how I can get home with what I am actually wearing. Kanye was corageous, but it actually matched what he was doing. He was wearing sweaters over button ups and stuff like that; it was crazy. If you saw me wearing that, you would be like "wait a minute, what's going on here..."

50 also said he just hired a new designer so you can look forward to G-Unit clothing having a whole new vibe to it. If you're in the NYC area, you can pick up a free copy of Connected mag on the skreets and in select streetwear shops.

Fashion Issues: Can Fast Fashion Go The Distance?

Many of us dream of the day we can afford to buy the latest Gucci dress or a Chanel handbag. But these days we only have to walk into Primark to see an almost exact replica hanging in front of us.

The trend for catwalk to high street ‘fast fashion’ has exploded in the UK over the past few years but recently questions have been asked about much longer it will last.

Discount retailers such as Primark and Matalan have expanded rapidly throughout the country and specialise in getting the latest designer looks into their stores within weeks of them hitting the catwalk. This encourages women to update their wardrobes more frequently- with dresses being sold for as little as £8 most have no reason not to.

Celebrity endorsement of these shops, both through advertising and a top name being snapped out and about in a dress from Peacocks only further encourages shoppers as they can now afford to look like their favourite stars. Newsagents are crammed with magazines telling us how we can achieve designer looks on the high street at a fraction of the price.

In 2007 a massive £18.9 billion was spent by the British public in the womenswear sector of the market.

In the past ten years sales of discount clothing have risen dramatically, now making up nearly a quarter of all sales in the clothing sector. BHS, House of Fraser and C&A have been replaced by Primark, TK Maxx and the Peacocks group in the top 10 womenswear retailers.

Although Marks and Spencer, Next and the Arcadia group are still the major players discount retailers are hot on their heels, creating massive competition.

Primark in particular has enjoyed major success and a near to iconic status. They have just opened a huge new flagship store on Oxford Street in London. Their minimal prices and speed at replicating looks means they are now the fourth biggest womenswear retailer in the UK.

Another growing sector is sale of fashionable, affordable clothing in major supermarkets. Tesco PLC and Asda Group Ltd lead the way. Shoppers are encouraged to update their look after buying their groceries at minimum cost.

Popular WAG Colleen McClouglin’s advertising campaign with George at Asda has made the brand even more popular and makes the clothing appear trendy and cool to consumers.

It seems these discount retailers can do no wrong. However, they are facing some serious opposition. There have been investigations into how they can continue to produce clothing sold at such low prices.

Fashion Follows Function in j'tote Designer Laptops Bags

Laptop bags get a real makeover.

This limited-edition collection contains 500 bags of each of the 10 unique & beautiful designs.

If you've ever craved for stylish and fashionable laptop carry bags, j'tote's range of bags are just what you're looking for. The entire range comprising of 10 unique designs share a common feminine feel. These bags are the design and creation of multiple award winning young Irish designer Anna Vahey Casey and fashion-conscious Texan Jeri Barr.

The Fall/Winter 2007 inaugural collection of j'tote designer bags was recently announced. These laptops bags are made from (weird) stuff like bamboo, suede, floral fabric, wooden beads, etc.

The entire range of j'tote bags are made to fit notebooks up to 15-inch in size. Price range on these fashionable bags is between $175 to $315.

The name of the 10 designs are Maeve, Saoirse, Derville, Shauna, Alannah, Grainne, Dubheasa, Aoife, Afric and Melania. To find out what they look like or purchase one of them, please visit the company store.

[via Electronista]

Middle East Fasionistas Do it Their Way

Highlighting the latest fashion trends has been a little challenging at times, but the staff at Elle Oriental says its worth it.

The magazine, a Middle East edition of the French-born original Elle, launched a year ago and is now in 11 countries, including Syria, Dubai, Morocco and Lebanon.

The fashion conscious in these countries can now follow the world of haute couture on newsstands.

Maria Aziz is the deputy editor of Elle Oriental. Azziz talks more about the venture and its unique cultural challenges.

Samantha Cameron wants to be Gwen Stefani

By Sarah Phillips / UK politics

Samantha Cameron, the wife of the Tory leader, David Cameron and the creative director of the stationery firm Smythson, has revealed in an interview with Harper's Bazaar that she fantasises about dressing like Gwen Stefani.

Ms Cameron, 36, told the US fashion magazine:

"She's kind of my alter ego. Not that I'd ever dress like her, but in a different life, I've always wanted to dye my hair blond. Every time I see her, I go, God, I wish I looked like that!"

For those not in the know, Stefani is the lead singer of the Californian punk band No Doubt who has enjoyed a successful solo career over the past few years.

Her style is part-urban (baggy combat trousers, crop tops and big trainers), part-50s glamour (she was aptly cast as Jean Harlow in The Aviator) and part-Harajuku girl (after the kitsch fashionistas who hang out in the Tokyo district). She has also always been renowned for her bleached blonde hair, which, considering her 30-year musical career, must be due to fall out quite soon.

As an inhabitant of the popular Tory settlement of Notting Hill, Cameron is part of a fashion-conscious, expensive-boutique-congregating set. Yet her look has always been along the lines of more reserved musicians, Norah Jones for example, rather than that of stylish Stefani. The only previous suggestion of a wilder side was the revelation that she has a small tattoo of a dolphin on her ankle, more often than not hidden away by a sock.

But Cameron can't be alone in this forced oppression of her true sense of style within the political realm. Who could be the fashion "alter egos" of Sarah Brown, Lady Elspeth Campbell, Cecilia Sarkozy, Joachim Sauer, Cherie et al? And should Sam Cam get a single out in time for Christmas?

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Celebrities Undressed: Brooke Shields "Kaleido-nope"

Kaleido-nope: Brooke Shields has mastered the art of dressing for any occasion with her Pucci-esque, mod-meets-"Maude" tunic. Not only is her trippy attire versatile enough to take her from a leisurely day of playing shuffleboard on the lido deck of the Love Boat to a long night of grooving to Grateful Dead jams at Woodstock, but it's also ideally patterned to hide any pesky stains the next time she should find herself competing in a Neapolitan ice cream eating contest. (Mark Von Holden/


Celebrities Undressed: Jenna Fischer "Pam I Am"

Pam I Am: Jenna Fischer's mile-wide smile is so darn warm and sincere that it almost seems petty to pick on her red-carpet look. Almost. The amiable "Office" star appears to be channeling her reserved alter ego Pam in a pleated, puff-sleeved plastic-y frock so prim and proper even straitlaced squeezes Dwight and Angela would deem it too demure. On the plus side, Jenna can get lots more use out of her spacious and apparently rain-repellant ensemble by turning it into an all-weather pup tent. (Sara De Boer/Retna Ltd.)


Celebrities Undressed: Christie Brinkley "Little Blouse on the Prairie"

Little Blouse on the Prairie: We don't expect Christie Brinkley to dress her age. After all, the 53-year-old model can rock a revealing white tank top better than most twentysomethings. That said, we do expect Brinkley to dress of her age. In her ruffled prairie skirt, the preternaturally preserved looker is just a couple of high kicks away from joining the cancan line at an Old West saloon. Adding to Christie's troubles is the tint of her tiered petticoat, which combines the delicately corrosive hue of rust with the soothing tinge of toxic mold. (Mark Von Holden/


Celebrities Undressed: Maria Menounos "La Vie en Robe"

La Vie en Robe: There are times in life when only a shortie robe will do. Like if you're about to submerge yourself in a mud bath at a ridiculously expensive spa. Or if you and your fellow woodland nymphs are hand-feeding Apollo grapes. Or if you're heading to a '70s key party and need something to set off your pink marabou feather-topped stilettos. But Maria Menounos is without dirt, fruit or fuzzy footwear as she steps out in a gluteus maximus-grazing silk mini-dress that's designed to make everyone sit up and take notice, which is ironic given that it's too short for her to sit down, at least without getting ogled online every time some misguided soul searches for the words "celebrity upskirt." (Jaime McCarthy/
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Celebrities Undressed: Mandy Moore "Lip Schlock"

Lip Schlock: Mandy Moore has built a career on being the apple-cheeked girl next door, emerging as a reassuringly scandal-free starlet amid her panty-less and pedestrian-endangering peer group. So, what gives with her Morticia Addams by way of Mrs. Dracula makeup at the premiere of her flick "Dedication"? Mandy was thisclose to looking sublime with her cascading chocolate tresses and sexy strapless corset. Alas, she comes off as more of an anemic vampire courtesy of a lipstick color best described as "Bloodsucker in Need of a Fresh Kill" and a morbidly ashen visage that seems like it hasn't seen the light of day since "Buffy" went off the air. (John Spellman/Retna Ltd.)
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Celebrities Undressed: Alicia Keys "That Sinking Feline"

That Sinking Feline: Leopards may be known for their speed and stealth, but sometimes even they can become fashion road kill. Case in point: The feral, off-the-shoulder frock Alicia Keys dons for a screening of "The Nanny Diaries." Once, it was a majestic creature hunting for prey in the wild, until that fateful day when it had a tragic run-in with a safari tour bus. After an undignified removal by spatula, it was stitched into a beastly and unbecoming dress saddled with hip-widening pockets and a constricting, below-the-knee hemline. But the ultimate humiliation was still to come, with the comely singer inexplicably accessorizing her catty couture with clashing fishnets and orthopedic, Crayola-blue heels, resulting in a dud of a declawed look that should be permanently placed on the endangered list. (Evan Agostini/Getty Images)

Celebrities Undressed: Ashley Olsen "Sporadic-us"

Sporadic-us: Quiz time, people. The intermittently in vogue Ashley Olsen appears stunned because she's a) incurred the wrath of Conan the Barbarian after filching his favorite pair of combat boots and widest wench- weight-lifting belt; b) discovered that kicky sandals really can be created with just a little creativity and a whole lot of electrical tape; c) noticed that her tube top and face-framing tendrils are both looking more wilted than Britney after a long night of partying; or d) realized that Spider-Man isn't going to swoop in and save her before that ooky alien venom oozes past her knees and attacks her surprisingly smart bubble skirt. (Mark Von Holden/

Celebrities Undressed: Mischa Barton and Rihanna "Girls' Nighty Out"

Girls' Nighty Out: Mischa Barton and Rihanna learn the hard way that just because the dress code is casual, that doesn't necessarily mean pants are optional. The inner thigh-exposing pair makes the scene at a New York shindig sporting similarly sawed-off, eye-popping peignoirs, although they achieve decidedly different results. On the right, the ubiquitous "Umbrella" chanteuse successfully carries off the baby doll look in a sweet and summery cap-sleeve white chemise that plays up her glowing skin and shapely stems. Mischa, on the other hand, is all knobby-kneed gawkiness in a futuristic pink getup seemingly found during a shopping trip to a tacky galaxy far, far away. While this gaudy and glittery negligee might be just the thing for hitting singles night at the raucous cantina from "Star Wars" or seducing a romantically indiscriminate Captain Kirk, it's all wrong for the newly auburn-maned, teeny tiara-topped starlet, who once again boldly goes into the final frontier of fashion infamy. (Brad Barket/Getty Images)
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Celebrities Undressed: Kate Bosworth "Cast Away"

Cast Away: How committed is Kate Bosworth to supporting the environment? While some starlets might have let a full body cast keep them from attending the premiere of Leonardo DiCaprio's eco-documentary "The 11th Hour," she isn't so easily deterred. Seems the refreshingly robust actress put her reacquired mastication skills to use by chewing through the plaster encasing her right arm and legs and fashioning a sleek, one-shouldered sheath that's not only sophisticated but also sends an important message about the wonders of recycling. (Sara De Boer/Retna Ltd.)


Celebrities Undressed: Mary Kate "Mixed Bag Lady"

Mixed Bag Lady: It's easy to mock Mary-Kate Olsen's sartorial statements, which tend to be more secondhand haberdashery store than straight-off-the-runway haute couture (save for her au courant open-toe Louboutins, of course). But dig a little deeper and it becomes clear straggly MK's style inspirations go far beyond just used accoutrements -- they draw on kooky influences that span the pop culture landscape. Take her colossal, figure-obscuring striped scarf, which was last seen blowing in the wind behind a Sunday-driving Isadora Duncan, or her diaphanous black silk dress, which would perfectly suit Stevie Nicks as she twirls to the strains of "Gypsy." Mary-Kate's fedora, meanwhile, evokes both the '40s-era cool of Bogart and the summer of 2006 Hot Topic chapeau trendiness of Ashlee Simpson. As for the pocket-size mogul's lethargic, melted-butter-colored locks and kohl-ringed eyes, they are a subtle homage to two fashion-forward musical icons, Aquanet- and bandana-dependent Bret Michaels and panda-peepered Jared Leto, respectively. (Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

Know the Hottest Colors for This Fall

Half of the August is already over and it is high time, we plan our fall wardrobe. Well, we have been providing you with all kind of updates related to fall, 2007 and this is a wake up call for those who are still busy with their summer wardrobes. I guess, we have already provided you with lot of info on the color palettes for the season but for those of you, who weren’t able to read between the lines, I thought of clearing out. Also, Pantone has also just come out with its color report, so we have double cause to mark this article.

Here is a list of colors that will reel and rule the season. Check them out and make sure, your wardrobes imbibe clothes with these colors.

• A deep espresso brown color called CARAFE is in.
• Burnt Ochre, we all know about the color, right? Don’t be afraid to grab one piece in this color.
• Chili Pepper-the color can make people hot with jealousy.
• Stargazer is basically the turquoise color in its darker tone.
• Shale Green is the blue green color that no one can ever ignore. I am pretty sure; most of us already have it in our wardrobes.
• Dusk, is a dusty shade of gray with a touch of light blue and is beautiful indeed.
• Green Moss is exactly like the color of moss, but believe me it can do wonders.
• Lemon Curry-we all knew yellow was making a comeback.
• Cashmere Rose-I am not very sure of this color but yeah, as the name suggests it’s an amalgamation of pink and red.
• Purple Wine is for every one of us, who aren’t daring enough to walk out in a dashing red.

Source: Styledash

Heidi Klum takes over from Elizabeth Hurley by rocking Jordache ads

Barely a month has gone by and there are more semi nude photos of Heidi Klum making the rounds. This time however it's not Claudia Schiffer who needs to feel inadequate along with the rest of us mere mortals but Elizabeth Hurley instead. Looking fantastic in nothing else but a pair of Jordache jeans and brandishing a riding crop to represent the brand's horse head logo, you do get the feeling that Liz (who was replaced by Klum as the face of Jordache) wouldn't have brought quite the same level of sensuality and high fashion to the camera.

Maybe she had the same problem with Helena Christensen replacing her over at Monsoon. Not to worry Liz, not many women can compete with someone who looks like Klum after three kids. After all, they don't call them supermodels for nothing!

Via's gold belted wool trench coat

Keep the bright colours from your summer wardrobe working throughout your winter wardrobe with this Via gold trench coat from Victoria’s Secret. The gold colour is so vibrant that it’s perfect for dreary winter days, and the bold back and front button detail is just darling. The fitted shape paired with sexy semi-sheer stockings and high heels would be a great night time look - the boys should come running.

Give black jackets the flick and try some coloured pieces! It’s been marked down to $148 so pick it up now.

Damien Hirst for Levi's preview

Fashionista have the first look at Damien Hirst's work for Levi's Warhol Factory X label and as many predicted he has turned to his most recent work - a $99 million human skull encrusted with diamonds - for inspiration. Hirst's design for Levi's features miniature crystal skulls on black denim; what CQ's Isabelle would refer to as blingtastic!

The entire collection is expected to be unveiled at New York Fashion Week in September before hitting stores including Barneys New York, Fred Segal and American Rag.

But has the skull trend had its day?

What do you think of Damien Hirst's design for Levi's?

Get yourself some Victoria's Secret eco-undies

Would you prefer to wear eco-lingerie or don't you care what it's made of as long as it's sexy?

Well, Victoria's Secret have launched a small collection of lingerie and lounge wear targeting the younger market that is also eco-friendly. Their key items will include: fleece tees, tanks, and accessories made from organic cottons. These garments will only make up a small portion of Victoria's Secret 'Pink' range but further plans are in the pipeworks to find other ways to make consumers aware about ethical clothing.

I think this a great idea. Now all you need is a boyfriend to flaunt your sexy eco- undies in front of, a little extra cash and a little concern for the environment, simple... sort of! [Stephanie Aston]

For more fantastic eco-fashion make sure to check out Hippyshopper!