Sunday, August 19, 2007

Celebrities Undressed: Ashley Olsen "Sporadic-us"

Sporadic-us: Quiz time, people. The intermittently in vogue Ashley Olsen appears stunned because she's a) incurred the wrath of Conan the Barbarian after filching his favorite pair of combat boots and widest wench- weight-lifting belt; b) discovered that kicky sandals really can be created with just a little creativity and a whole lot of electrical tape; c) noticed that her tube top and face-framing tendrils are both looking more wilted than Britney after a long night of partying; or d) realized that Spider-Man isn't going to swoop in and save her before that ooky alien venom oozes past her knees and attacks her surprisingly smart bubble skirt. (Mark Von Holden/

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