Friday, August 24, 2007

50 Cent Talks Fashion from Kanye to Southern Acts, "They still didn't grasp the concept that throwbacks are done."

50 Cent recently caught up with Connected, a New York City lifestyle magazine that covers everything from sneakers to street meat. In addition to talking about the mixtape market and Eminem, he let if fly (in true 50 fashion) about current hip-hop trends and why he had to take it back to the Champion hoodie. Check out an excerpt:

I've noticed in your recent videos that you have been wearing Champion hoodies.

That is classic cool. You know, the super deep hood. I just had to get back to that design because I was having issues with my clothing company. I wasn't even wearing G-Unit clothing for a while but we straightened it out. It's not just a business idea, but when I can actually pick and approve it, I want to wear it because it already has my influence on style. It's almost like having your closet on sale to the public. If you look at artists from down South, you might see some of them still wearing jerseys. They still didn't grasp the concept that throwbacks are done. I will tell you this though, "really fly" to Southern artists means really expensive.

Which is different for you because you got jewels, but as far as your clothes, even trend wise everyone wants to be bright-clothes, stand out, rock star.

There's a lot of it out there. You know what it is, they are trying to find something new and the hip hop guys will see it and say I like that. You'll see them start to get influenced by it and rock skulls in their clothing, belt buckles and chains. That is rock and roll style right there. For me, I never go too far from my house; I always keep a sense of direction of how I can get home with what I am actually wearing. Kanye was corageous, but it actually matched what he was doing. He was wearing sweaters over button ups and stuff like that; it was crazy. If you saw me wearing that, you would be like "wait a minute, what's going on here..."

50 also said he just hired a new designer so you can look forward to G-Unit clothing having a whole new vibe to it. If you're in the NYC area, you can pick up a free copy of Connected mag on the skreets and in select streetwear shops.

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