Sunday, August 19, 2007

Celebrities Undressed: Maria Menounos "La Vie en Robe"

La Vie en Robe: There are times in life when only a shortie robe will do. Like if you're about to submerge yourself in a mud bath at a ridiculously expensive spa. Or if you and your fellow woodland nymphs are hand-feeding Apollo grapes. Or if you're heading to a '70s key party and need something to set off your pink marabou feather-topped stilettos. But Maria Menounos is without dirt, fruit or fuzzy footwear as she steps out in a gluteus maximus-grazing silk mini-dress that's designed to make everyone sit up and take notice, which is ironic given that it's too short for her to sit down, at least without getting ogled online every time some misguided soul searches for the words "celebrity upskirt." (Jaime McCarthy/
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