Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sexy Beyonce Hides Underwear

The singer wore an ultra short dress at her concert, and the audience could repeatedly see her underwear.
M.B. / Reuters

Award winning singer Beyonce Knowles performed last night in Manila, while carrying out her American tour.

Beyonce arrived in Manila on Tuesday to hold a concert and immediately left to go on with her ‘The Beyonce Experience’ tour.

The singer wore an ultra short dress at her concert, and the audience could repeatedly see her underwear. Beyonce wears slip boxer shorts that squeeze her but.

Source: Javno

Hilfiger`s Luxury Limited Edition Goddesses

US designer Tommy Hilfiger has launched a new limited edition bag range.

US boy Tommy Hilfiger is starting a campaign on the European market. This season, he has launched a limited edition bag range.

Luxury leather accessories will cost 140 pounds, with 50 percent of proceeds going directly to the Breast Health Institute, a non-profit breast cancer research organisation, which directly helps diseased women, apart from doing research.

This is not a novelty for Hilfiger. Last year, after being delivered to a Milan shop, the bags were instantly sold out, all 100 pieces. This year, 1,000 pieces will be available is six European shops as perfect holiday gifts.

Tommy has hired Italian supermodel Carla Bruni for this campaign, who was photographed by French photographer Raymond Depardon, Vogue writes.

Kirsten Dunst Is the New Face of Miu Miu

Earlier this year, Kirsten caused controversy by saying she believes the world would be a `better place` if more people smoked marijuana.

The 'Spider-Man' actress will take over from Lindsay Lohan - who fronted the spring/summer 2007 campaign - and star in the fashion house's adverts for spring/summer 2008. A source said: "Kirsten just wrapped a photoshoot for Miu Miu's new range in Los Angeles with fashion photographers Mert and Marcus." Previous faces of the Prada clothing line - headed by Miuccia Prada whose nickname is Miu Miu - include Kim Basinger and Chinese actress Zhou Xun.

Earlier this year, Kirsten, 25, caused controversy by saying she believes the world would be a "better place" if more people smoked marijuana. The 'Virgin Suicides' star said: "I drink moderately, I've tried drugs. I do like weed. I have a different outlook on marijuana than America does. "I've never been a major smoker, but I think America's view on weed is ridiculous. I mean - are you kidding me? If everyone smoked weed, the world would be a better place."

British Fashion Awards

The prestigious British Fashion Awards award for designer of the year went to Stella McCartney.

Stella McCartney was named designer of the year at the British Fashion Awards in London. She outstaged the harsh competition of the likes of Anya Hindmarch and Luella Bartley at the British Fashion Awards.

The panel of judges consisted of top fashion editors, merchants and influential people, led by the editor of British fashion magazine Vogue, Alexanrda Shulman.

Awards were also handed to jewellery designer Tom Binns, Burberry, male designer Christopher Bailey and female designer Vivienne Westwood.

Designer Erdem Moralioglu won a 50,000 reward that will help the development of his brand Erdem.

It girl Agyness Deyn was pronounced model of the year, according to

See the PHOTO GALLERY from the British fashion Awards.

The results of the British Fashion Awards:




MODEL OF THE YEAR - Agyness Deyn



MENSWEAR DESIGNER OF THE YEAR - Christopher Bailey for Burberry



Source: Javno

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Jennifer Garner goes floorlength and strapless at the Glamour Awards

Typical - you wait for one actress called Jennifer to wear a strapless dress at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards, and then two come along at once.

But while Jennifer Connolly looked frankly fabulous in a dazzling, short dress, I'm really not sure about Jennifer Garner's choice for the same event.

Is it because it looks like a summer maxi-dress, and I'm feeling vicariously cold as I look at her on this chilly autumn day? Is it because it looks like something Margo from The Good Life would wear? Either way, I'm afraid it's a thumbs down, Jen. Sorry. I know you just won 'Woman of the Year', but you can't have everything.

Beyonce hearts big pants!

What does it take to become a successful R&B diva like Beyonce? A fabulous voice, naturally, a bootylicious figure and one mega rap star boyfriend - and oh yes, a pair of big pants!

It seems Beyonce loves herself a pair of Bridget Jones-esque briefs. Not only is she wearing a pair under this Dolce and Gabanna dress (that's right B, we can see them), she was also spotted wearing them on stage in Shanghai.

Now, big pants may not be your idea of fetching underwear but if it gives us the enviable figure of Ms. Knowles, we'll put in an order for say, oooh, ten pairs? In fact, whilst we're at it, we'll lead you over to our newly created magic pants list where it's spandex/slimming/maxi pants galore!

We know, we know, it’s just what you were looking for to smooth out those extra, shall we say, lumps and bumps under your gorgeous new LBD. Don't thank us now; thank us later when you've enjoyed your third Krispy Kreme of the day!

Katie Holmes completes marathon, goes to premiere

We've all done it. Completed a marathon and then gone straight to a film premiere, I mean. So I don't know why I'm even reporting this, but here you go...

In case you missed it, Katie Holmes ran the New York marathon on Sunday. She completed the 26.2 mile course in five hours, 29 minutes and 58 seconds - but as Glamour magazine pointed out, the most important part of this feat of human endurance was that she did it "wearing a baseball cap, purple vest, black leggings and the number F127". Katie also managed to run the marathon completely unnoticed... until the last minute, when Tom Cruise unfortunately ruined her disguise by turning up at the finishing line with their baby and giving her a big kiss in front of the cameras. Dammit!

Anyway, what does a girl do after completing a marathon? Why, turn up to her husband's film premiere, of course. Katie hit the red carpet with Tom in New York later that night looking a little tired (can't think why), but smiling like a trooper. Dressed in black, she was also sporting a new centre-parting, which I'm really not too keen on, but hey, have I run a marathon recently? Or ever? No. So I'll just shut up.

Paris Hilton’s world tour: next stop Tokyo

If global warming had one sure threat, it must be that of a globe-trotting party girl.

Paris was joined by her fashion designer sister Nicky in Tokyo yesterday to help launch the new handbag collection of Japanese designer Samantha Thavasa. She jetted there from Russia, where she'd been on the front row at Moscow Fashion Week.

But for someone living out of a suitcase (albeit probably a very large, designer one), Paris still manages to keep the style stakes high.

We're loving this adorable sequined mini dress. And you can get one almost exactly like it on now - just by clicking here.

Jennifer Connelly shines at the Glamour Magazine Women of the Year Awards

We do love an awards ceremony over at OSOYOU. Celebrities, gorgeous togs and plenty of after party gossip – what’s not to love, eh?

The Glamour Magazine Women of the Year Awards in New York may have missed out on the goss stakes (unless you include Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck refusing to walk the red carpet together to avoid attention – yeah, that worked!) but it certainly had the celebs and fabulous frocks, our favourite being Jennifer Connelly in this pretty turquoise dress.

The strapless prom style frock, which perfectly compliments her raven hair, is worthy of our own Party Dresses Stylefile, a bonus being that it also has pockets! So, not only would you look fabulous in it, you could keep your hands warm and keep some change for the cab fare home in them too - result! Pity we can’t keep a cutie like your husband Paul Bettany in those pockets as well Jennifer. Ah well, a girl can dream.

Luckily you don't have to dream too much to achieve Jennifer's effortless style. A trip to a list of this red carpet outfit over at will get you look like the stunning Oscar winner in no time.

Kate Moss longs for the X-Factor

Kate Moss has a new love – and no, it's not yet another floppy-haired, scruffy rocker. It's Mr Nasty himself, Simon Cowell!
Yep, Kate's apparently so addicted to the show that she never misses an episode, and has even been holding X Factor-style parties at her home in the Cotswolds.

Mates like actress(ahem)-come-designer Sadie Frost and Kate's mum and daughter (wonder if Pete Doherty ever joined in while he was around?) are rumoured to take it in turns belting out tunes, which Kate then judges à la Mr Cowell. We've heard her impressions are spot on - and let's face it, she's already got the high-waisted trousers - how hard could it be?

Brad and Angelina - they're the new Kelly and Billy!

OK, you American celebrities: stop this right now. We've already had Jessica Simpson looking like Jordan. The last thing we need is another Kelly Brook and Billy Zane.

Brangelina strutted their stuff at the Los Angeles premiere of Beowulf last night - well, it's been at least two weeks since either of them promoted a new film, hasn't it? - and "their stuff" looked very much like "Kelly Brook and Billy Zane's stuff".

Flat cap for him? Check. Rather dowdy, middle-aged outfit for her? Check. Overall a pretty badly dressed couple? Check.

The only possible reason I can give for this is that renowned Anglophile Brad has been tuning into Strictly Come Dancing of a Saturday night. And that Angelina has lost all her skills honed as a UN Ambassador and has started to acquiesce to Brad's dodgy sartorial taste.

Which are pretty tenuous reasons, admittedly. But you never know.

Kylie Minogue steps out in 'boyfriend' jeans

Ladies, if you've been wanting proof that it's OK to ditch those skinny jeans and don something a little looser, then look no further than Ms Minogue here.

Kylie arrived back at her West London home on Saturday night wearing 'boyfriend' jeans. No, not her boyfriend's jeans- not unless a) that was where she was returning from, and b) her boyfriend is a midget - but that much-touted style of comfy jean that's been seen on the likes of Kate Moss.

The Tiny One teamed hers with a black leather jacket, grey top, grey silver scarf and sunglasses. Yes, at night. Thank goodness all those paparazzi flash bulbs were around so she could see where she was going, eh?

Lindsay Lohan gets new hair

Well, I'm not sure if it's entirely 'new hair' - although if there are any extensions in there, it might be. But she's certainly got a new hairstyle.

And if you're wondering why Lindsay's looking like she's just stepped out of a salon (in the words of the classic advert) - that's because she just has.

Ms Lohan posed for the cameras as she left her hairdressers - well, who doesn't? - sporting big new wavy, blonde locks (and a very shiny orange face, but we won't dwell on that). And her big new wavy, blonde locks are the work of hair maestro Ken Pavés - a Beverly Hills-based stylist whose celebrity clients include Jessica Biel, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Simpson.

Although, as we now know, if you want to get Jessica Simpson's hair, you don't have to to go to a Hollywood stylist - you can just buy a clip-on version from Macy's. You should try that next time, Linds - it'll save you a fortune!

Is Jessica Simpson turning into Jordan?

How did I not see this one coming? The hair. The tan. The, erm, you know. Is Jessica Simpson becoming America's answer to our very own pneumatic blonde, Jordan?

I mean, just take one look at lovely Jess out and about in New York this weekend (after stopping off at Macy's to promote her new fashion range).

The curvaceous figure, the big hair, the leopard-print, the deep tan, the sunnies, the knee-high boots and the happy smile... It's all there. Except for Peter, of course. And her own chat show. And a work of fiction called Crystal. But apart from that, it's uncanny.

Kelly Brook launches her lingerie range for New Look

Ladies of Britain: do you want to recreate Kelly Brook's Strictly Come Dancing Paso Doble routine at home? Or to put it another way: does your husband or boyfriend want you to? Yes? Well, now you can! Or at least: you can recreate the fishnets part.

Yes, the lovely Kelly has launched her underwear range for New Look - and she was showing it off (as it were) at their flagship store on Oxford Street yesterday. Or, rather: three models were. Although it could have been two models and one mannequin - I don't know about you, but that leggy one on the end looks rather unreal, doesn't she? But I digress...

As you can see from the models' outfits, Kelly's fashion line includes black satin basques, red satin bras, fishnet tights - and my favourite, a rather lovely gingham bra and pants set seen here with very cool over-the-knee socks. Sadly there are no matador capes in the range, but you can't have everything.

All in all, the look is slightly burlesque, slightly saucy - and very Kelly. But would you wear it? Vote in our poll!

RACE of fashion and style icons

The capital, Delhi witnessed a spectacular evening when the Provogue Autumn-Winter 2007 Collection launched at The Grand on Saturday.

The entire star cast of RACE - Saif Ali Khan, Anil Kapoor, Bipasha Basu, Sameera Reddy and Akshaye Khanna with their Producers - Kumar Taurani & Ramesh Taurani, Directors - Abbas & Mastan, Music Director - Pritam, Lyricist - Sameer and Singer - Atif, Neeraj & Monali set the ramp on fire, as the RACE poster was unveiled.

Come January 2008, Tips Industries is all set to unleash their biggest extravaganza ever. RACE will be the buzz word of Bollywood. It features a star-cast comprising of the biggest and the best in Bollywood, Director duo Abbas-Mustan whose name defines the thriller genre in India wields the directorial baton for RACE. The movie is set against the beautiful locales of Durban... RACE promises you the edge of the seat excitement!

Stella pulls Heather's leg with necklace

HOLLYWOOD is in stitches over a rumour that Sir Paul McCartney's daughter Stella designed a necklace featuring one leg for his ex-wife Heather Mills, whom she famously hates.

According to gossip guru Perez Hilton, Sir Paul’s designer daughter has exacted revenge on the 'evil' Mills by reportedly creating the one-leg necklace.

silver, single-limbed pendant dedicated to Heather Mills was unveiled to a select group of fashion industry players in Paris recently; it’s set to launch in the spring or summer 2008.

“A lot of people thought it was really edgy, while others secretly thought it was out of order,” a source said.

“It’s such an obvious dig. It will cause a stir when it goes on sale.”

Stella, a fashion designer, and her former step-mother have never made any secret about their extreme dislike for one another.

And Mills recently provoked the ire of the public when she rejected a $100m divorce settlement proposal from McCartney before embarrassing herself by going on a tirade on UK television about he way she had been treated in the press.

Elizabeth more fashion show than historical epic

ELIZABETH: The Golden Age is essentially a Paris couture fashion show with some historical names and details tossed in as a feeble attempt at significance.

It's not an exaggeration to say that the entire movie consists of Cate Blanchett trying on various ornate, richly hued dresses with increasingly intricate wigs and headdresses, until one day when the Spanish armada shows up. Costume designer Alexandra Byrne probably should have got top billing.

Blanchett being Blanchett, she finds some opportunities for subtle, deliciously regal condescension as she returns to the role of Queen Elizabeth I, which turned her into a star and earned her an Academy Award nomination nearly a decade ago.

But more often she vamps it up mightily under the over-the-top direction of Shekhar Kapur, who also made 1998's Elizabeth.

Despite its lofty aspirations and late 16th century setting, this one belongs right up there with Showgirls in the high-camp section of your local video store. Clive Owen wears puffy shirts and dangles from a pirate ship as the devilishly handsome and flirty Sir Walter Raleigh (he also takes part in a corny, soft-core sex scene), while Geoffrey Rush returns from the first film and is sadly squandered as Elizabeth's right-hand man, who somehow manages to remain at the centre of international intrigue even though he's barely around.

The script, from Elizabeth writer Michael Hirst and Gladiator co-writer William Nicholson, contains sprinklings of fact, fiction and mythology with some heaping scoops of romance novel.
Elizabeth, the virgin queen, is tired of being pestered by Rush's Sir Francis Walsingham to find a suitable mate, settle down and start making babies. He thinks it'll make her monarchy stronger.

(This leads to a parade of ill-fitting suitors, a highbrow version of the bad-date montage you'd see in any standard romantic comedy.)

At the same time, the Protestant queen is in danger of being overthrown by Spain's King Philip II (a flamboyant Jordi Molla), who wants to restore Catholicism to England and has no shortage of overzealous followers who are willing to go to war and die for this cause. Meanwhile, there's also an assassination plot afoot that may involve Elizabeth's imprisoned cousin, Mary Stuart (Samantha Morton, also barely used).

Somehow, in the midst of all this turmoil, Elizabeth finds time to dally with the swarthy and adventurous Raleigh, who has just returned from the New World with potatoes and tobacco and a couple of natives, just to prove he was really there. They giggle and ride horses and verbally spar, but there's no way Elizabeth could ever realistically hook up with him (even though he's played by Owen, who is pretty much impossible to resist).

Instead, she sends her most trusted lady-in-waiting, Bess (Abbie Cornish) to get close to him and learn more about him - but then Bess gets too close, which sends Elizabeth into vicious, slapping snits of jealousy and anger. Certainly this must have been a complicated woman; Elizabeth oversimplifies matters and depicts her as having the temperament of a spoiled teenager.

Blanchett nevertheless looks stunning throughout with that translucent skin, those piercing blue eyes and, of course, a different vibrant frock for every occasion.

Kapur drowns all these melodramatic proceedings in the bombastic, omnipresent score from Craig Armstrong and A R Rahman; it swells when it should, it swells when it shouldn't. And while some of the visuals from cinematographer Remi Adefarasin can be lovely (the detailed interiors of the castle, the rolling English countryside), the climactic invasion by Spanish war ships bears the distracting fakeness of an explosive set piece that obviously came out of a computer.

It actually looks like something you could check in front of the Treasure Island casino in Las Vegas, every hour on the hour.