Sunday, August 19, 2007

Celebrities Undressed: Mary Kate "Mixed Bag Lady"

Mixed Bag Lady: It's easy to mock Mary-Kate Olsen's sartorial statements, which tend to be more secondhand haberdashery store than straight-off-the-runway haute couture (save for her au courant open-toe Louboutins, of course). But dig a little deeper and it becomes clear straggly MK's style inspirations go far beyond just used accoutrements -- they draw on kooky influences that span the pop culture landscape. Take her colossal, figure-obscuring striped scarf, which was last seen blowing in the wind behind a Sunday-driving Isadora Duncan, or her diaphanous black silk dress, which would perfectly suit Stevie Nicks as she twirls to the strains of "Gypsy." Mary-Kate's fedora, meanwhile, evokes both the '40s-era cool of Bogart and the summer of 2006 Hot Topic chapeau trendiness of Ashlee Simpson. As for the pocket-size mogul's lethargic, melted-butter-colored locks and kohl-ringed eyes, they are a subtle homage to two fashion-forward musical icons, Aquanet- and bandana-dependent Bret Michaels and panda-peepered Jared Leto, respectively. (Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

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