Thursday, September 20, 2007

Buy Elizabeth Hurley's safety pin Versace dress

We all remember that little black dress held together by safety pins (pictured above surrounded by models) that Elizabeth Hurley wore to the London premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral back 1994. The Versace safety-pin dress that shot an unknown model to fame is still one of the most memorable dresses on the red carpet and is on sale for the first time at Harrods for £10,690 as part of their Timeless Luxury, Little Black Dress exhibition.

If you can get into Harrods in Knightsbridge, it is definitely worth checking out the exhibition of LBD’s. Included in the collection is the little black dress that actress Audrey Hepburn wore in 1963 movie Charades.

"The little black dress is an institution we're proud to pay homage to. Every designer since Coco Chanel has taken the concept, given it a twist and tried to put their stamp on it," the Sun quoted Martin Buckley, marketing manager at Harrods, as saying. "As the Hepburn dress proved, however old the design a little black dress will always be a stunning classic."

If you’re interested in buying the Liz Hurley/Versace dress, then the dress will be tailored made for you, and delivered to you two months after the order date. Better get saving!

[Image: Cate Gillon/Getty Images]

London Fashion Week: Matthew Williamson

Taking his turn at the end of a triumphant return to London Fashion Week (wearing the same fab gold shoes Kim and I were admiring when
we met him last week...) Matthew Williamson had reason to smile. Not only had he pulled off a publicity coup by getting Prince to perform on the catwalk (in fact Prince offered), he'd shown the kind of beautiful collection we've grown to expect from him; feminine, timeless, exotic and commercially viable. It was a trip across the world in prints - from African to Aztec and everything in between - topped off with his trademark boho printed evening frocks...

Williamson is not the kind of designer who uses shock tactics to sell clothes. His bohemian sensibility means his collections are almost always rooted in prints, chiffons and amazing embellishment. From beautiful slouchy trenches over sequin drenched mini dresses to tunics covered in South American beaded motifs, and skinny pastel striped trousers to printed neckerchiefs and metallic shorts, the show was a riot of world influences that somehow worked together despite being so diverse. You may not like every piece, but with so many ideas working together, there's definitely something for everyone.

The show finished in true Williamson style with frilled and printed sheer frocks and golden versions of the laced sandals that had previously matched the daywear in various bright shades. The black and pastel kaleidoscope print is bound to be a bestseller, coming as it did in a variety of dresses from the long, frilled maxi above to shorter more flirty numbers. And for those who'd rather go for block colour there was even a red rosette covered offering. Now where did I put my credit card...?

[images: via Getty]

Nicole Kidman's (sort of) London Fashion Week modelling debut for Antoni & Alison

Word on the street this morning is that Nicole Kidman will make her modelling debut at London Fashion Week for the Antoni & Alison show. Although, don't get too excited the actress isn't expected to appear on the runway, instead she'll feature in a 10 minute long film modelling the 15 or so pieces from the collection, to celebrate the label's 20th anniversary.

According to WWD, designers Antoni Burakowski and Alison Roberts made the film themselves in place of a fashion show which screens this morning at the Curzon Cinema in Mayfair. No news yet on what exactly to expect, but some sources are speculating that in the film, the Aussie actress sings "Happy Birthday" to A&A a la' Marilyn Monroe style.

As a couple more famous Aussies (Kath & Kim) might say - that's "noice... different... unusual..."


DJ Kylie Minogue works Gareth Pugh slashed leather at Boombox

Hot off the catwalks, Kylie Minogue headed to Boombox on Sunday night in a Gareth Pugh creation following his show earlier that day. The Aussie songstress appeared in on of Pugh's slashed leather dresses to hit the decks at the designer's super trendy after-show party. DJ Kylie played Madonna, Girls Aloud as well as her new single '2 Hearts' to eager club-goers. This isn't the first time that Minogue has worn a Pugh design, she also bought one especially for her Showgirls tour last year.

Source: / Everything Kylie]

London Fashion Week: Giles S/S '08

It's been described as "randomness incarnate" by and random it certainly was, but wonderfully thrilling at the same time no less. There was no clear message or linking pattern that tied all the different elements of Giles Deacon's spring/summer '08 collection together, but perhaps that was the whole point.

Dark denim paved the way for the beginning of the show in tailored dresses, coats and skirts. Then the ecclectic mix kicked off featuring different fabrics, prints, textures and cuts in varying styles of dresses.

References to Kate Moss (her face was blurred on silk dresses) and a print of Bambi being slaughtered were just a few of the unusual yet strangely fascinating elements of the collection. Was he asking why are we so obsessed with Kate? And who killed Bambi's mother?

Delicate tree leaves were layered in a range of different colour shades and Deacon's use of different materials, i.e. rubber bands in replace of fur trimmed collars, was proof of his desire to create new textiles. “Rather than sequins, we’ve developed something a bit more interesting,” he recently told the Daily Rubbish. Mission accomplished, I'd say!

[Images: via Getty]

Lauren Conrad's fashion line

It's one thing to love "The Hills." And boy, do we love that show around here.

But getting behind the reality show star's fashion line? Um, we're not quite ready for that kind of commitment.

Just look at her "laid-back" Southern California-inspired dresses.

Now, not that any of us are that good at handling a sewing machine, but it doesn't seem particularly difficult to buy pieces of cottony fabric and create a few drapey dresses. And what about all that leftover material? Just turn those into leggings, girlfriend!

Seriously, have you seen the designer clothes Lauren wears? Would she even try on any of her own designs?

And even if you argue that the clothes really do reflect SoCal style, it's highly, highly unlikely that anyone would spend $150 for an "Audrina" dress when you can find something much more exciting at Target.

Warmth is hot at London fashion week

Designers trumpeted warmth today at a London Fashion Week preview with models draped in silk and muslin taking to the catwalk splashed in bronze, brass, chocolate and caramel.

Models showed off a variety of short skirts, shorts and dresses from the 2008 spring-summer collections of Jasper Conran and Marios Schwab, Best New Designer at the British Fashion Awards.

John Rocha's show was a clash of black, mustard, and rose, while Basso&Brooke took a high-tech approach to land their "paint" creations.

The talk of the event was the return of British sensation Luella Bartley - known simply by her first name - who presented her first collection in London after a six-year absence.

The young designer, popular among celebrities including supermodel Kate Moss, moulded punk with classical British garb.

Her choice of London, which meant she bypassed New York, coincided with the opening of her first fashion boutique in the British capital.

London Fashion Week, which kicked off on Saturday and runs till Thursday, includes about 50 shows in its official program.


FASHION: Contrasting lips and eyes

Smoky eyes, nude lips and the color blue are the "it" makeup trends for fall.

MAC's new fall collections, Smoke Signals and Blue Storm, capture these trends with new eye shadow quads, Lipglass, Nail Lacquer and Kohl Power eyeliners that contain carbon black to get that deep, rich hue -- with no green or gray undertones.

And the answer is yes. It is possible to pull off these colors without looking like the alien, I mean, model in this photograph. Yowsers!
I apologize in advance for the nightmares you may have tonight.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Kate Moss for Topshop II - on sale now!

In case you've been living under a rock lately or preoccupied with all that's been happening across the pond at
New York Fashion Week, then you may have missed the news that Kate Moss is launching her follow-up collection for Topshop today!

That's right, the supermodel's autumn/winter range hits stores (and online) from today and, if it's anything like last time, then stocks levels are continually replenished so don't worry too much about missing out. Now, where did I put that emergency credit card again...

New York Fashion Week: Maggie, Demi, Hilary & Clive...celebs out in force for Miss Sixty

Now this is the kind of front row you expect at New York Fashion Week. The Miss Sixty PR machine definitely proved its worth as Maggie Gyllenhaal, Hilary Swank, Demi Moore and, um, Clive Owen took their seats on the front row to watch the Spring / Summer 08 show. And who can blame them. New York is the place to go for wearable, stylish clothes, and Miss Sixty didn't disappoint. Keep reading for pics of the collection.

Though there'll be no prizes won here for individuality, Miss Sixty presented a wearable collection that continued the winter theme of edgy-girly. Think rock chick in neutrals, as models strutted their stuff in shades of pale khaki, lemon, white and salmon. The high-waisted puffy metallic skirt was a stand-out piece, as were the layered chiffon dress and top.

Moving on things got a bit more space-age, with oversized rhinestones, silver jumpsuits (don't try this at home, guys!) and a huge, hood-sleeved top in iridescent grey. Hemlines were predictably high and sexy, trousers fitted and all of them finished off with sexy strappy heels in white or metallic. I love the silver strappy shoe-boots!

Finally, after a bit more printed chiffon (zzzzzz) there was THE bag. Modelled by girl of the moment Irina Lazareanu (or, as I like to call her, 'Ladyshambles') the printed graffiti bag took oversizing to the max. I might have hated the House of Holland-esque oversized lettering and the blatant branding, but this is still the piece I'll remember. You really could fit the kitchen sink in this baby!

[images: Getty]

Paris' October Magazine Covers: GQ Germany, Elle UK

Uh oh, she's baaack... she hasn't been making as many appearances on tabloids lately (she's quite busy with the business end of things, with that Kitson line launch and so forth, dontcha know) but that doens't we won't see Paris in magazines anymore. Quite contrary - this month she nabs two full-size magazine spreads showcasing her in various stages of undress.

Elle UK claims to present a new "Paris Reinvented" smartly dressed in business clothing, but GQ Germany shows the famous heiress rather undressed, with her old long locks. Before and after, perhaps? Old Paris, and New Paris? Or the same ole Paris any way you look at it?

[Sources/Images: Egotastic, A Socialite's Life]

Maggie Q in shortalls at the Balls of Fury premiere

Short-alls was the trend this year that we all hoped would just pass by quickly. Really, only one out of a bazillion people look good in short-alls. Like....Maggie Q. Her sleek gray outfit mixes things up a bit by being a strapless tube short-all, and she polishes off the look with simple gold earrings and pale yellow Louboutin heels. (A fab reminder that gray and yellow is a gorgeous combination of colors.) I give the girl major props for being gutsy enough to try this look on the red carpet, and for keeping things simple to highlight exactly how sleek shortalls can be. And I can't wait to see the movie - previews for the underground ping pong tournament with Christopher Walken as the king pin look hilarious. Try the shortall look in a simpler style, on sale, for US$147.

Atonement, UK premiere: What do you make of Keira Knightley's Rodarte dress?

Goodness! If Keira Knightley was hoping to make an entrance at the London premiere for her new film Atonement, she certainly did so in this dress. Last week we followed Knightley's fashion trail around the Venice Film Festival as she flew the flag for Chanel.

However, she decided to take a break from her current employees last night and instead chose this risqué Rodarte dress which, in my opinion, was a bit of a risky choice.

Lovely as it is, the colour of this dress does nothing for Keira's skin tone. Her hair also looks rather lackluster, although her pretty jewel tiara certainly gave her that elfin appearance. She reminded me of Cate Blanchett or Liv Tyler in their mystical roles in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. What do you think of Keira's red carpet appearance?


Jennifer Lopez' on-set photos for her latest music video, Do It Well

Yikes! Check out the on-set photos from Jennifer Lopez' latest music video, Do It Well! I'm Not Obsessed has it exactly right - Jenny On The Block looks fierce! Erm, well, yes, she does look a little scary (if looks could kill!) since that eyeliner gives her cheekbones killer definition and an extremely exotic yet terrifying look to her face.

However, I give her huge kudos for the fab fringe skirt worn waist-high with a square-buckle patent belt. (And look! She's got black nails - I haven't seen that for at least a few months!)

Anyone remember that cardinal rule - either show lots on top, or lots on the bottom? Jlo keeps the balance perfectly in mind, and therefore keeps it modest on top with that basic crew-neck tank top since its a totally different story on the bottom - she's showing miles and miles of those fabulous legs.

I'm sure the video will showcase her vivacious dancing ability, and we'll see even more of her toned thighs. Can't wait!

New York Fashion Week Runway Report: Vera Wang

I'm beginning to wonder if I'm being too picky with the shows this year. As another collection of shapeless satin and weirdly draped dark colours hits the wires, I'm thinking perhaps I'm missing something? Vera Wang can usually be relied on to show at least a few showstopping evening gowns, but even they were subtle, understated and surprisingly sack-like this season...

Maybe it's the sylph-like models, who do nothing for the belted creations that formed one half of this show. Wang designs for rich women with a classic style and a lot of cash to splash. Perhaps they'll fill out her draped creations a little better. There are some great details; the oversized jewel neck-pieces, the petrol blue drop-waist dress (coming to a Nicole Richie near you soon) and the dramatic gunmetal silver dress with a draped sleeve.

Flashes of bright Yves Klein blue stopped the palette looking too drab, but there was nothing that really wowed me. What about you guys? What do you think of this subtle collection?

Demi Takes a Hike for Fashion

Good thing Demi Moore is in such great shape, because she could've been fashion roadkill the other night.

The 45-year-old stunner hit Van Cleef & Arpels’ Une Journée à Paris party on Tuesday at New York City's Hammerstein Ballroom with a small group of friends, including Lanvin designer Alber Elbaz. However, when they arrived, there was no more room in a balcony VIP area to accommodate them. The party itself was already packed with more than 1,200 people who showed up to catch a glimpse of a fashion show and a performance from Plastiscines, an all-girl French punk band from Paris.

Moore & Co. were told that the only other area where they’d get a good view of the festivities was from a higher-level balcony.

So, they hiked up via an old staircase. “I am talking your run-of-the-mill New York City staircase with cement steps and funky carpet,” a spy tells me. “About two rounds of stairs for each flight. Must have been at least three stories.”

But when they got to the top, a party staffer realized he had made a mistake. There was no view from up there. “They completely went too high up, and he had to bring them straight back down,” the spy says. “Demi was in, like, four- or five-inch heels!”

If Moore was peeved at all, my spy says she didn’t show it. Staffers quickly scrambled and managed to squeeze them into the VIP area. A server was immediately at their table to deliver two bottles of Perrier Jouët champagne.

Also at the shindig—but probably not breathing as hard as Moore and her pals—were Sarah Michelle Gellar, Mischa Barton, Eve and Marcia Gay Harden.

Ulster women look to Diaz for fashion lead

Forget Kylie and Kate Moss - Ulster women favour Cameron Diaz as the world's fashion icon.

In a new style survey, the Charlie's Angels star, who can switch from surfer chic to red carpet siren with ease, has been crowned "Most Fashionable Celebrity".

And Northern Irish women, it seems, take their lead from celebrities - choosing the vintage-style smocks worn by Nicole Ritchie and Mischa Barton for a first-time date rather than the little black dress.

When it comes to a girls' night out Northern Ireland's fashionistas have one style staple - skinny jeans.

Women in Londonderry like the rock chick look, dressing up their jeans with a glitzy top while Armagh ladies put their own twist to their favourite jeans with a pair of skyscraper heels.

Derry lasses are also less self-conscious about their figures with over half of women there preferring the bikini as beachwear. The rest of the province opted for the more conservative one piece swimsuit.

For meeting the parents, women across Northern Ireland had a surprising favourite look. The days of a safe dress and flat shoes are long gone, with local style queens stepping out in shoe boots, high waisted trousers and Pucci print tops.

The survey was commissioned by Diet Coke to mark the introduction of six limited edition design cans. The cans, which feature vibrant designs from the world of fashion, textiles and art printed on their surface, allow the buyer to " Choose The Looks They Love" from the collection.
This was the challenge set to local fashionistas in the survey.

Developed in conjunction with Caroline Baxter, the Omagh-born executive fashion editor at style bible New Woman, the survey revealed what's hot and what's not in the style stakes.

Caroline said: "Women here are definitely fashion aware and look to celebrities for guidance as to what is "fashionable". Her fashion personality is very informed and fashion led.

She said: "The first date preference of a customised vintage smock dress is definitely driven by what a female friend would choose for her. "Jeans are always popular and skinny jeans are the most trend-led option at the moment - even with the wide flared look coming through. Jeans can be dressed up in heels or down in flats. It's a youthful trendy look started by Kate Moss wearing Sass and Bide jeans a couple of years ago and has since become the uniform of both WAGS and muso's everywhere."

Drew Barrymore for Gucci

For the first time in the label's history, Gucci hired a celebrity for an advertising campaign. Drew Barrymore was their choice.

The famous Italian fashion label hired a famous face to appear in one of their advertising campaigns and reach out beyond the fashion industry for the first time.

The face of their new collection in 33-year-old Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore, who is fresher looking and more beautiful than ever. The charismatic girl has a successful career as of a fashion and makeup model in advertising campaigns under her belt. She is still the face and spokeswoman of makeup label CoverGirl and, last year, she also shone in Missoni's creations.

Artistic director Frida Giannini says that Drew is exactly what their collection represents, a strong and confident woman whose sense of humour is simply disarming.

Fashion Rocks Brings Out Hollywood Elite

As part of New York City’s Fashion Week, Fashion Rocks took place last night at Radio City Music Hall. And there were plenty of performers to satisfy even the most eclectic tastes.

One of the coolest surprises of the night was when Aerosmith was performing “Walk This Way” and Fergie joined them onstage. With this song’s brilliant history of pairing Aerosmith with artists like Run DMC and Kid Rock, the performance delivered on it’s reputation.

Also at the show, Jennifer Lopez looked stunning while performing her disco hit “Waiting for Tonight.” Her choreography, bolstered by “ravenous paparazzi and strutting models,” added to the stunning spectacle.

And Avril Lavigne lent some estrogen to the show’s lineup, which was predominantly male. All in all, it was a good night. And you can see for yourself when Fashion Rocks airs tonight at 9pm EST on CBS.

Gossip Girls
Below are a few shots from Fashion Rocks (September 6).

Stefani Impresses at New York Fashion Week

Pop star Gwen Stefani wowed critics at New York Fashion Week on Wednesday, with her L.A.M.B. clothing collection, receiving a standing ovation from rapper Eve, Sean "Diddy" Combs and actress Sophia Bush.

The singer and her stylist Andrea Lieberman won over fashion insiders on the opening day of the annual event with their mix of retro and modern designs, with a few outfits also showcasing Stefani's love of costumes.

Stefani also showed off a very special pair of yellow, green and black platform shoes named "the Kingston"after her 1-year-old son -- who was cheering her on from the front row with husband Gavin Rossdale.

Other previews on Wednesday included spring collections by BCBG Max Azria and Nicole Miller.

Giorgio Armani: the emperor of Italian fashion arrives in Dallas

The emperor of Italian fashion arrives in Dallas this month to celebrate three decades with Neiman Marcus
It's a little after 5 o'clock in the afternoon inside Palais de Chaillot, the grand art deco building opposite the Eiffel Tower where Giorgio Armani is prepping his sixth Privé couture collection.

In less than an hour, models will walk the runway in the Italian designer's bold, David Bowie-inspired costumes while editors sketch and scribble into their black Moleskin notebooks. The pressure is on for the 73-year-old fashion icon.

Backstage the air is abuzz with a muddy mixture of Italian, French, Russian and English. Clear garment bags reveal punky asymmetrical gowns, skinny tuxedo suits and colorful feather capes that will soon illuminate the glass catwalk. Down a set of marble stairs, models with twisted updos and heavy eyeliner sip doppio espressos and suck sugary candies. The rest of the show's svelte beauties are below another pack of marble steps, where dozens of hair and makeup artists glob on mascara and twirl hair around jewel-encrusted headpieces.

In the wings, 60 sketches of the night's ensembles decorate a slate suede wall. Suddenly, a hidden door cut from the cloth swings open and the black-clad magician behind this spectacle struts out. The cellphone clutched in his hand is ringing a house tune you might hear at Hotel Costes K, the hip hangout where the designer's staff and socialite fans are staying.

"Si, pronto," Armani answers. The tension in his tone requires no translator. The rock symphony is about to hit the stage.
He needn't worry. Tomorrow, WWD will declare the glam colors, buoyant skirts and feather-spangled siren gowns "the designer's best Privé collection yet."

It doesn't take long observing Giorgio Armani to know you're in the presence of a powerhouse. Although soft-spoken and unassuming at 5-foot-7, he radiates charisma befitting a fashion legend.

Dallasites will have the chance to feel that charm firsthand this month, when Neiman Marcus downtown hosts the style icon at the annual Crystal Charity Ball luncheon and fashion show Sept. 7. The day before, he'll appear at NM NorthPark to sign copies of the 2002 photo book Armani: Backstage.

The partnership between designer and store stretches to the earliest years of his career, and includes a previous Dallas appearance in the late 1980s.

"I'm excited to visit Dallas again," says Armani, taking a rare break from model fittings before the Privé show. "When I was there last, things were so exaggerated. I'm curious to see the new Dallas. I'm going to pay homage to Neiman Marcus and its shoppers."

The Crystal Charity show, being held for the first time in a tented space adjacent to the 100-year-old store, will showcase the fall Giorgio Armani ready-to-wear line. The predominantly gray-and-black collection includes at least one piece made especially for the event: a voluminous cocktail dress with an extravagant shoulder bow.

"Texas shoppers are very important to me," says Armani. "I was concerned about the collection I'm showing in Dallas, that it wasn't right for Texans. But a lot has changed since I was there last.

"Fashion has arrived in Dallas; I think the city is ready for it."

It isn't only Dallas that has changed. What started in 1975 as a small women's and men's ready-to-wear line has exploded into a design empire with annual retail sales reported by WWD at more than $6.8 billion worldwide. Giorgio Armani S.p.A., owned wholly by the designer, encompasses men's and women's apparel, cosmetics, fragrance, jewelry, eyewear, home furnishings, luxury hotels, even eateries.

The seven primary fashion labels – Giorgio Armani, Armani Collezioni, Emporio Armani, Armani Jeans, Armani Exchange, Armani Junior and Giorgio Armani Privé – cover all the clothing bases, from trendy tees and jeans to boardroom suits and Oscar-entrance eveningwear.

"The cool thing about Armani is that we can go super chic in Paris with couture, but get down and dirty with a DJ and the kids at Armani Exchange," says one of Armani's Milan-based PR directors over champagne at Castel, the Saint Germain lounge where the company held its couture show after-party in early July.

Armani's empire also includes a global retail component, his name emblazoned above the doors of grand flagships on via Manzoni, Madison Avenue and Avenue Montaigne; freestanding stores; and boutiques in specialty stores such as Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. This month, he'll add a 5,300-square-foot NorthPark Center location offering the Georgio Armani ready-to-wear apparel and accessory collections for men and women.

Although the company is continually expanding and evolving, Armani's signature style has never strayed far from its roots. The self-taught designer is known for delivering clean lines, neutral colors and superb but soft tailoring year after year. His jackets are legendary – in both looks and comfort.

"I've seen it all," says Armani. "Some people have said my fashion has evolved, yet always kept a consistent feel. For me, a collection is just about falling in love with what I'm doing in the moment. But I always look back and see the defects. You need the past to keep you going forward. You live and learn."

Armani is known to be a harsh self-critic. (He reportedly stopped dancing at age 25 to avoid looking ridiculous.) While sunbathing in the Mediterranean on his 163-foot yacht, he had plenty of time to dissect July's well-received couture collection, which he says "broke the waves" of his usual style rhythm.

"My inspiration always comes from an idea that transforms into a collection; this season it was the world of rock. I wanted the collection to be a little aggressive and to use stronger colors. But at the end of the day, I want my shoppers to wear what's on the runway."
That has seldom been a problem, especially among celebrities. Armani was one of the first designers to dress Hollywood, starting in the early '80s when he outfitted Richard Gere in American Gigolo and virtually rewrote men's style history for the balance of the 20th century. His film cred continues today with stylish hits such as Ocean's Thirteen, starring Armani friend and front-row staple George Clooney.

Other runway and red-carpet fans include Clive Owen, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes (who could forget that wedding dress?) and one of Armani's favorites, Cate Blanchett, who sat front-row-center at summer's Privé show. Rumor has it she picked a show-stopping black-and-chartreuse gown for an upcoming appearance.

Odds are good that more of the show's edgy styles will pop up at this month's MTV Video Music Awards and at the Grammys in February. Particularly on longtime fan Beyoncé Knowles, the face and voice of the new Emporio Armani Diamonds fragrance, which starts sparkling in stores this month.

Other recent projects include Armani's first foray into skin care, the luxurious Crema Nera, with an obsidian mineral complex inspired by Pantelleria, the Italian island where he has a home, and the August launch of, which joins existing and e-commerce sites.

Technology has always been important to Armani. Last January, he became the first designer to offer everyone a front row seat at an haute-couture show via live streaming on and Cingular cellphones.

Personal appearances, fragrance and Web launches, award shows. A hotel, his first, scheduled to open in Dubai next year. The demands for the designer's time and attention would seem overwhelming. Does Armani feel the pinch?

"September is one of the most beautiful months in Italy. During this time of year I prefer to be there on my boat or in my house than anywhere where else in the world," he admits.

"This year, I'm making an exception. But I'm not going to miss another one."

Is that a hint at retirement, which many have speculated is on the horizon? Armani quickly brushes off the rumor.

"I'm always thinking about work. It's difficult to see myself not being part of this world. They'd have to tie me up at home to keep me from doing what I love and do best."