Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Kate Moss gets into perfume business

Putting her bitter break-up with Pete Doherty behind, Kate Moss is currently undergoing a huge transformation from a model to a business magnate, for she is all set to launch her first fragrance.
The perfume 'Kate by Kate Moss' is the result of a collaboration between Moss and perfume company Coty Inc.
"It's something I've thought of doing for a long time, but it just never felt right. It felt natural to take the next step," the Mirror quoted Moss, as telling Women's Wear Daily.
Describing the scent Kate said, "When I put it on I want to feel fresh and light and as the day goes on I want to feel sexier."
The 33-year-old style icon said that she is not simply the face of the product, but is taking on hands on role in the latest venture.
"I learned a lot about having to smell layers and picking out the scents. I don't think people generally smell a perfume and say, 'Oh, that bottom note!'"she said.
‘Kate by Kate Moss’ will be launched in Europe and Asia in September, and will reach the US next year.

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