Sunday, August 19, 2007

Celebrities Undressed: Mischa Barton and Rihanna "Girls' Nighty Out"

Girls' Nighty Out: Mischa Barton and Rihanna learn the hard way that just because the dress code is casual, that doesn't necessarily mean pants are optional. The inner thigh-exposing pair makes the scene at a New York shindig sporting similarly sawed-off, eye-popping peignoirs, although they achieve decidedly different results. On the right, the ubiquitous "Umbrella" chanteuse successfully carries off the baby doll look in a sweet and summery cap-sleeve white chemise that plays up her glowing skin and shapely stems. Mischa, on the other hand, is all knobby-kneed gawkiness in a futuristic pink getup seemingly found during a shopping trip to a tacky galaxy far, far away. While this gaudy and glittery negligee might be just the thing for hitting singles night at the raucous cantina from "Star Wars" or seducing a romantically indiscriminate Captain Kirk, it's all wrong for the newly auburn-maned, teeny tiara-topped starlet, who once again boldly goes into the final frontier of fashion infamy. (Brad Barket/Getty Images)
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