Sunday, August 19, 2007

Know the Hottest Colors for This Fall

Half of the August is already over and it is high time, we plan our fall wardrobe. Well, we have been providing you with all kind of updates related to fall, 2007 and this is a wake up call for those who are still busy with their summer wardrobes. I guess, we have already provided you with lot of info on the color palettes for the season but for those of you, who weren’t able to read between the lines, I thought of clearing out. Also, Pantone has also just come out with its color report, so we have double cause to mark this article.

Here is a list of colors that will reel and rule the season. Check them out and make sure, your wardrobes imbibe clothes with these colors.

• A deep espresso brown color called CARAFE is in.
• Burnt Ochre, we all know about the color, right? Don’t be afraid to grab one piece in this color.
• Chili Pepper-the color can make people hot with jealousy.
• Stargazer is basically the turquoise color in its darker tone.
• Shale Green is the blue green color that no one can ever ignore. I am pretty sure; most of us already have it in our wardrobes.
• Dusk, is a dusty shade of gray with a touch of light blue and is beautiful indeed.
• Green Moss is exactly like the color of moss, but believe me it can do wonders.
• Lemon Curry-we all knew yellow was making a comeback.
• Cashmere Rose-I am not very sure of this color but yeah, as the name suggests it’s an amalgamation of pink and red.
• Purple Wine is for every one of us, who aren’t daring enough to walk out in a dashing red.

Source: Styledash

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