Friday, August 24, 2007

Denim fans rejoice as Ditto Brand returns

Cult seventies jeans brand Ditto are making a comeback, soon to be hitting the shelves at Harvey Nichols and Harrods. The revival of the brand has been instigated by Daniella Clarke, the founder of Frankie B jeans and a fan of the Ditto brand from her youth.

The jeans brand was famous for their flattering fit and bright colours. With brightly coloured jeans now all over the high street, the original and best return to show them all how it’s really done.

The jeans were identified through their extra tight fit and shapely cut, high waisted and flared with a U shape on the rear creating a flattering and sexually provocative aesthetic. Their trademark was a multitude of vibrant rainbow colours, from pillar box red to bright green.

The jeans became an enduring cult hit in the late 70s, with many blogs today dedicated to the brand, full of nostalgic fans of the originals still recounting the excitement generated on their release.

Their return has prompted what could be described as a consumer frenzy, with customers calling up in order to try to reserve pairs before the imminent onslaught in stores.

As well as the reissue of classic styles, Dittos are also launching an updated range consisting of high waisted hot pants, logo’d t-shirts and skinny cut hipsters.

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