Friday, August 24, 2007

Naomi Campbell speaks out against racism in Fashion

Supermodel Naomi Campbell has set the cat amongst the pigeons (again), after telling a Kenyan journalist earlier this week. “It’s a pity that people don’t appreciate black beauty.” She continued. “There is prejudice. It is a problem and I can’t go along anymore with brushing it under the carpet.”

Campbell also complained that she rarely features on the cover of British Vogue; the model has so far appeared a total of eight times, which when compared to Kate Moss’ enormous 24, is a small amount. The supermodel first appeared in British Vogue in 1987, and has risen to fame to join an extremely small number of prominent black models, also added. “This business is about selling, and blonde and blue-eyed girls are what sell.”

Campbell, who should be congratulated for always taking the bull by the horns and never shying away from this issue, is now talking of loose plans to open a modelling agency in Kenya, to help rebalance the situation.

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