Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Olsens and Mischa Barton at the Hampton Social, New York

We were only complaining this morning about the lack of celeb-spotting events (it seems that most of the Hollywood crowd are away on their summer holidays or in rehab) when we happened to spy a few attending the Hampton Social in New York on the weekend. Thank goodness for the Olsens! Ashley Olsen fronted up in that double belt by Alaia which she seems to love so much and questionable Gladiator-style heels also by Alaia. Are you a fan?

However, she did raise the bar on her sister in a mustard-colour slouch skirt and gorgeous black blazer (maybe from her own collection, The Row?) Mary Kate, on the other hand, needs to do something with that stringy blonde hair that she's taken to wearing under the same fedora so much recently. I also don't think much of her outfit which includes her favourite scarf... time for a revamp of the wardrobe maybe?

Meanwhile, Mischa Barton turned up in an orange and white camisole, black jeans and sandals. Perhaps you'll agree with me that her recent hair transformation has definitely brightened up her face?

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