Saturday, August 04, 2007

Mary Kate Olsen's simple day look

I know that lots of you have mixed feelings about the Olsen twins and their style choices, but I'm a huge fan. Admittedly if I was a millionairess I doubt I would try to do homeless chic myself, but I still love the look. Even Mary Kate's simple outfit last week of black shorts, black and peach oversized tops and some ballet flats, is centred around a whopping great designer handbag - in this case the Prada fringe.

Create the look yourself with a couple of £10 t-shirts from Topshop in peach and black, and River Island's black roll up denim hotpants, £19. Just grab your favourite black bag and ballet flats and you're good to go!


  1. She looks as if she just woke up and put on whatever she could find on the floor. You want to call this look "homeless chic" and the sad fact remains that most homeless people don't choose to look or live that way, in fact the status they are bestowed "homeless" are usually supported by a psychological illness. So what is the Olsen teins excuse?

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