Thursday, August 09, 2007

Portland Fashion Week

Portland Fashion Week, the Most Sustainable Fashion Week in the World

It all started quietly, in 2003, when a group of young, local designers joined forces, organizing intimate fashion shows in locations and trendy shops. Then, one year ago, things changed: the meeting with Tito Chowdhury, Tod Foulk and Christopher Cone, all experts in the sector, created PFW Productions, the new vibrant driving force behind the Portland Fashion Week, that was then relaunched with a new look in October 2006. The intention? To offer to independent designers the opportunity to present their own collections in a professional showcase geared towards a national and international public, promoting contacts with press and buyers. Without thinking that the PFW is the second most important and longest running fashion week on the west coast after Los Angeles.

The dream of every designer in search of glory, who not having the money to stage their own show, in exchange for a nominal fee, can take advantage of the support of an entire organization to place their talents in a perfect showcase. Portland, in Oregon which in 2006 was named as the most sustainable American city- is an oasis of green where one breathes in an incredible sensitivity towards the care of the city, of organic food, ecofriendly habits and recycling. A city that moves and is growing day by day, thanks also to a new generation that enlivens all fields of creativity, art, music, architecture, photography and …fashion.

Due also to the support of the City of Portland, the new style PFW is publicised as being sustainable in everything and for everything, starting from the production. A process already initiated in the last edition, but that will come to a head in the next appointment, planned for 19-24 October 2007 (following the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in L.A.) and that will promote a selection of eco-designers, as well as using an earthfriendly catwalk, eco-friendly styling products on models and sustainable hotels for the guests. So, the City of Roses will add another event to its list of proud achievements, the theatrical spectacle of the most sustainable fashion week in the whole of the United States, if not in the entire world.

Source: PFW in BOOK MODA

Portland Fashion Week

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