Sunday, August 19, 2007

Heidi Klum takes over from Elizabeth Hurley by rocking Jordache ads

Barely a month has gone by and there are more semi nude photos of Heidi Klum making the rounds. This time however it's not Claudia Schiffer who needs to feel inadequate along with the rest of us mere mortals but Elizabeth Hurley instead. Looking fantastic in nothing else but a pair of Jordache jeans and brandishing a riding crop to represent the brand's horse head logo, you do get the feeling that Liz (who was replaced by Klum as the face of Jordache) wouldn't have brought quite the same level of sensuality and high fashion to the camera.

Maybe she had the same problem with Helena Christensen replacing her over at Monsoon. Not to worry Liz, not many women can compete with someone who looks like Klum after three kids. After all, they don't call them supermodels for nothing!

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