Sunday, July 29, 2007

Victoria Bekcham To Open Her Own LA Store

Victoria Beckham is planning her latest move in her American offensive – opening up her own fashion store.

The Spice Girl is planning to open up a boutique on Los Angeles’ trendy Melrose Avenue to sell her own dVb designer wear.

A source tells the People, “Victoria wants to ensure she is as much of a fashion icon in the States as in the UK and this seems the ideal way to do it.

"Melrose Avenue is the place to have a store if you are a designer, so if Victoria pulls it off it will do wonders to boost her status.
"There are plans for a massive
ad campaign to coincide with it. Nothing will be done by halves.

"Victoria is also in talks to model the designs herself but may decide it would just be better to stick to the business side of things."

Well, it shouldn’t be hard for Posh to become as much of a fashion icon in America as she is in the UK – ie; none whatsover.

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