Saturday, July 14, 2007

Katie Holmes Turned Away from Hugo Boss Party

Reports are saying that major designer Hugo Boss threw a party for the opening of Berlin Fashion Week yesterday -- and when actress and slightly-psycho scientologist wife to Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, tried to join in on the fun, she was denied entry. Katie had also brought her one-year-old daughter with Cruise, Suri, with her to the party.

The reasoning behind this snub was that "the guest list was closed and there were already too many people inside the event," reports the website

I don't know what to address here: the fact that a) celebrities like Katie Holmes think they can get in anywhere they go and don't seem to understand the phrase "guest list is closed"; b) that she brought her one-year-old daughter to a fashion party at a club-- who DOES that?; or c) that I doubt anyone in fashion really wants to be associated with crazy Tom and his crazy wife and their offspring...

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