Thursday, July 26, 2007

'Fashion' at the UK Simpsons movie premiere (and we use that term lightly)

'Family' movie premieres in London can always be relied upon to bring us plenty of C-listers in bad clothes, and the premiere of the new Simpsons movie didn't disappoint. There were ex boyband members aplenty, not to mention poor Su-Elise Nash, who got accidentally credited on the photo wires as being her (slightly more famous) ex-bandmate Alesha Dixon. Ouch! Interestingly, the most fashion-forward attendee was actually Chloe Madeley (far right), daughter of Richard and Judy and obvious maxi dress fan. Other 'celeb' attendees included Lady Isabella Hervey in a very appropriate shade of yellow (left). Apparently she's now plugging her Red Letter Day experience, where she'll act as your personal trainer. After seeing her bitching her way through 'The Games' and 'Love Island' that's not something I'd want to receive as a gift...

Finally we have Keeley Hazell, who our token office boy confirms is a glamour model (and not a Cheryl Cole lookalike), posing next to her very own Simpsons character (Lily Allen's was better, though the real thing was a no-show). Like all good Page 3 girls, she went for short, girlie and cleavage enhancing.

*sigh* Nothing changes, does it?

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