Saturday, July 14, 2007

Celebrity Watch: Chelsy Davy at Mahiki Nightclub in Mayfair

Chelsy Davy, when not looking after Haz, lets her hair down at royal haunts Mahiki and Boujis with close friends. Perhaps a far distance from home, but not really when you consider how often La Chelsy frequents London to see her Prince Charming.

Mahiki is a club favored by the princes and also, by their women. What’s interesting is how much in synch the brothers really are. One of Prince William’s former flames is Jessica Craig, a girl whose father owns a Kenyan safari. And Prince Harry’s femme du jour, Miss Chelsy Davy, is the daughter of safari tour operators in South Africa. While Jessica is now history, the club is still popular with Wills, Harry, Kate and Chelsy, even when not all together.

The London hot spot has a Polynesian island theme and is located not far from Berkeley Square.

The young aristos that fill the place do so at around 350 pounds sterling per person, not a huge sum to this pedigreed crowd who tend to have a separate income on top of their annual salaries.

Their best-loved drink is a Mahiki specialty known as the “Treasure Chest.” Just take a wooden crate, fill it with juice, and then add a half liter of vodka, ice cubes and diced fruit. Finally, add the entire contents of a bottle of champagne and you’re done. For a mere hundred pounds pricetag, people consume this beverage through shared straws before dancing the night away.

As for the threads, girls like Chelsy and Holly Branson, (Richard Branson’s daughter) go for thigh-high skirts in denim paired with glittery shirts for a young, hoxy look. The guys opt for shirts and sweaters from Jack Wills, Abercrombie & Fitch and Ralph Lauren. The look is less couture and more understated. As in this bunch has nothing to prove, their last names say it all.

Sweet, Blonde, and Taken
While she went all out just a few days ago during the Concert for Diana in a formal black one-piece, Chelsy shows another side in this outfit. The London paps got a whole new glimpse of the lissome lass in this recent photograph, when she flirted with yet another fashion ensemble out on the town with some girlfriends. She went to Mahiki club dressed in a printed short-sleeved cream frock with an ivory pendant and matching bangle. The wardrobe is significant because when she needs to go glam she does, but when Harry’s away, she can dress more simply and a little less dangerous. Ok, a lot less! This is Chelster wearing something she doesn’t need to draw attention in, and because of that, can probably relax when she’s inside. Because when you’re staying in one of London’s better parts, fashion is never an issue!

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