Saturday, July 14, 2007

Beyonce at Kelly Rowland's Launch Party in New York

Wj could be better than Destiny’s Child, the most successful female band in history? Why a Destiny’s Child reunion, of course! While it didn’t include all the members, former lead singer Beyonce hooked up with Kelly Rowland to support her new album Ms. Kelly. Knowles looked smashing!

Kelly Rowland’s latest album, Ms. Kelly made its debut at number two on the Billboard Top R& B charts. While it’s still got a way to go in the US, considering how hot Rowland was in Destiny’s, she’s got no worries. Kels wore a white babydoll dress with appliqués around the low neckline and straps along with a pair of strappy heels which certainly fit the occasion- joyous and festive!

Making a Statement

And Beyonce gave her former bandmate some free publicity, wearing a low-necked white tee with “Ms. Kelly” printed on the front and teamed with a black pair of pants and matching peep-toe heels. Smoky eyes and pale lips complemented this casual yet dressy getup for one of her closest friends. We loved this look for so many reasons. Firstly, it’s a refreshing change from the big hair, tight-ass gowns and down-to-there necklines she loves to grace the red carpets with.

Secondly, the makeup didn’t compete with her outfit and flattered without flaunting. Andthirdly, the outrageously hot Beyonce made it Kelly’s day literally, by dressing under the wire and choosing to plug the girl’s album for the press. Not many songbirds would do that. But then again, not many are Beyonce Knowles.

Also at the party, held July 10th at club Homes in NYC were Mathew and Tina Knowles, singer Michelle Williams, Heatherette designer Richie Rich, vocalist Trey Lorenz, and model Dani Evans.

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