Thursday, July 26, 2007

Is Jennifer Lopez the healthiest role model around?

Yesterday, Kim wrote about Beth Ditto's not happening collaboration with New Look (click here to take a peek). Most of you weren't keen on the idea, saying that her style isn't accessible enough for the larger lady, and that just as anorexia shouldn't be promoted in the fashion world, neither should obesity. One woman who could never be accused of either, is the gorgeous Jennifer Lopez. Admittedly I'm not always a fan of her style choices, but I think she's incredibly healthy looking - not only in terms of her curvaceous looks but also the way that she embraces what others see as flaws (i.e. having a big bottom) and makes them work. The picture above left is her at the premiere of El Cantante in which she and hubby Marc Anthony star. I'm not a huge fan of the dress there although it's clear why she chose it, but she looked cute as a button when she arrived in Puerto Rico earlier this week in an adorable white bubble dress.

What do you think of her look and body shape? If you aren't keen, who do you think is the celebrity who currently best promotes living looking healthy - but doesn't take it to extremes

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