Thursday, July 26, 2007

Jane Magazine last issue features nude Eva Mendez

Something is in the water, cos just about everyone is taking off their clothes (damn them all for looking mighty fine, too.) Jane, the magazine usually known for its focus on the non-cookie-cutter woman and conspicuously avoiding the celebutante obsession, how-tos on how to be impossibly flawless at all time, while simultaneously learning every tip on how to teach your man to be a better lover, is including all that and more in its last run, the August issue.

Eva's looking flirty and playful on the cover with those strategically placed blooms, and inside, readers are treated to a black and white body shot of Eva looking exactly like a Guess advert. The 'Body Issue' promises other celebs who strip down, but now that I've seen Eva's fantastically flat abs and curvy, uh, back, I wonder who else could possibly top that? This is proof that there is such thing as the impossibly flawless, after all! Bless Jane Magazine for going out with a bang! Check out Eva's photos in high res, here: Egotastic.

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