Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mary Kate Olsen at the David Beckham debut in California

Many spectators and paps were out and about at the recent debut of David Beckham with his new soccer team LA Galaxy. The golden boy drew in record crowds for the event, held at the Home Depot Center in Carson City, California.

Seen at the Center were Beckham's wife Victoria and their three sons, actresses Katie Holmes, Eva Longoria and Mary Kate Olsen. While soccer can be a fascinating sport, most of the people there weren't around to see LA Galaxy as they were for Mr. David Beckham, who by now has become a major fixture on the Hollywood radar.

Seen in this recent photo, Mary Kate makes her appearance at the debut dressed in one of her typical looks. MK and sister Ashley acted on the series Full House since the age of nine months until the series was later canceled. The future of the entire cast was up in the air, except for the siblings, who were in negotiations for their own series. While their new show tanked, the Olsens were moguls in their own right thanks to made-for-video movies and a mass merchandising line which added to their Full House earnings, gave them a net worth of $100 million. Post-television, their acting careers have not been as rosy, but the duo seems to have a permanent place on Hollywood's A-list. Mary Kate ended an affair with shipping heir Stavros Niarchos in 2005, who later moved onto Paris Hilton. She left the East Coast permanently in a move to start fresh while her sister remains in NY.

That move seems to have been a smart one, as Mary Kate has carved herself a niche in the style-conscious world of celebrity fashion. She and sister Ash are planning to start a couture line named "The Row" after the success of their mass-produced apparel.

MK is known for her creation of the boho-chic look, a bohemian, laidback Californian style consisting of boots, oversized shades, flowing skirts and baggy sweaters. Somehow, she seems identical to a shorter, younger version of Daryl Hannah. Hannah had the same baggy wardrobe, disheveled-looking hair and dark eye pencil that the Katester is so fond of wearing.

Hippie Chick

Seen in this recent photo, Mary Kate makes her appearance at the debut dressed in one of her typical looks. She balances out a pair of skinny pants with a roomy gray tee shirt, black peep-toe slingbacks and oversized bag. While we think her outfits all year are an effort to downplay her multi-millionaire status, or merely look as unlike Paris Hilton as possible, she works her own style and for that she gets a few points. Hopefully when she passes 25 in a few years, she will discover it's not so bad to look one's age once in a while.

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