Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Paris Fashion Week A/W 2008-9: Christian Dior

There's nothing guaranteed to life my spirits than a picture of the wide-eyed Masha, except maybe a picture of the wide-eyed Masha with eye make-up that makes her peepers even bigger!I thought the 'dead socialite' look had died a death when Rachel Zoe fell out of favour with her LA starlets but at Christian Dior the look was well and truly alive Galliano hemmed in his usual kookyness to produce a retro slice of psychedelia.

Reminding me of Jackie O through a kaleidoscope the dresses, suits and coats heavily referenced the '60s and came in a glittering array of colours. Take away the outlandish make-up and hair though and you can see the collection is another example of the recession-led conservatism that has been seeping onto the catwalks during the last few weeks. It probably wont be setting fashion editorials on fire but fortunately the bright colours lift the collection out of the ordinary.

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