Wednesday, February 27, 2008

London Fashion Week A/W 2008-9: Unconditional

As London Fashion Week begins to wind down, what better way to spend the final afternoon than sipping tea and nibbling cakes in the stately surroundings of 19th century Mary Ward House in Bloomsbury. Unconditional’s show on Friday was suitably serene affair, perfect for a leisurely break from the hustle and bustle of the tents. The show was set to a tinkling piano soundtrack, which, paired with the wooden library location, made the whole affair feel a bit like the set of an ITV drama. Models wandered along the makeshift catwalk carrying antique books (and at one point, a terrified looking Chihuahua), looking like lost party guests at an eccentric 1930s house party.

Even the clothes felt like they were in character. There was the suave but slightly odd Evelyn Waugh-esque gent in his smoking gown, the tainted seductress in a black cape, and various supporting cast wafting along in pencil skirt suits, long knit dresses and feathered head pieces. Chaps were catered for too, in tasteful suits accessorised with giant corsages.

Nothing mind blowing, but plenty of perfectly wearable pieces. For a quiet Friday afternoon, this was the sartorial equivalent of snuggling up under the duvet, watching reruns of Brideshead Revisted.

Rachael Gibson

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