Wednesday, February 27, 2008

London Fashion Week: Krystof Strozyna and Meadham Kirchhoff

Shaking up the schedule (and shaming the older guard) was a two-for-one treat in the form of back to back shows Krystof Strozyna and MeadhamKirchhoff, both making their LFW debut. Bargain!

Some people are great at rolling around in a great pile of clothes and accessories, seeing what sticks, and pulling it off with panache. Me, not so good. That's why I'm loving Polish born Krystof Strozyna's beautifully crisp collection of scuptural, figure hugging minidresses, skinny trousers, well cut jackets and structured skirts adorned with ceramic and mirror embellishment. Letting the shapes do the talking, the designer cleverly opted to keep the collection to a simple palette of suit-everyone black, white and vibrant hot pink. I'd like to think that sometime in the future we'll all be living in space, stalking the bowels of the mothership in one of Strozyna's frocks.

In contrast, dynamic duo Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff presented a collection that explored texture and length. The vibe was that of "wearable attitude" with the designers putting out clothes that look like they'll actually keep you warm. To my mind the most successful outfits were the fine, layered jersey knits and those that played with with proportion by by teaming huge, shaggy jackets over long, skinny skirts- simultaneous practical and glamorous. I was less keen on the short, thick pile skirt that looked suspiciously like an IKEA bathmat, and the misguided attempt to bring back fleece as a designer fabric.

Hannah Kane

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