Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lucie Boshier: What are you thinking?

Okay Bridget Saunders already wrote an entry about this poster, but I had to as well. It’s too good to pass up!

Lucie Boshier is a Kiwi designer all about showing off tits, not shaving and not brushing your hair, with her motto being “Liberating Fashion”. Oh really? Yea that’s really liberating. Making posters that, instead of promote the brand, bag on everything your brand is not. Damn that’s smart, Lucie!

I will admit I’ve been into her Newmarket store once, and only once. There were cheap beaded hangers with poorly made dresses hanging all the wrong way, Kama Sutra books shoved in the back, and not to mention a shop assistant who looked like she had smoked something chronic while she was out the back.

But back to this poster. It disturbs me. Who the hell is supposed to be boning the girl anyway? Karl Lagerfeld? If so, she really needs to step away from the crack and take a closer look at the minuscule impact she really has on New Zealand’s fashion industry.

Oh, and take note. The picture two blogs down in the Dior Couture entry is a snippet from Lucie Boshier’s ANZFW show last year. Liberating huh?


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