Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kylie's concert costumes to be designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier

Kylie Minogue is planning for a more sophisticated look for her KylieX2008 concert tour as she looks to cover up a little more. And accordingly, her designer pals Dolce & Gabanna will not be designing her costumes but instead Jean-Paul Gaultier is the man in charge of Kylie’s look.

Kylie's stylist and showbiz "hubby" William Baker told The Mirror that for the next tour "we will see Kylie ageing gracefully. She's celebrating her 40th birthday this year, so what we have planned is just to move in the right direction. We're working with Jean Paul Gaultier on the costumes - he designed Madonna's Blond Ambition tour."

"The outfits he designs are incredibly sophisticated - we're moving on to the next level, which is what she did with the last album," Barker continued. "He creates iconic pop fashion. What he did for Madonna's concert was like a religious experience for me. "

[source - Image from Getty]

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