Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New York rainbow: colourful is cool

Even though it's supposed to be the fashion industry's preferred colour I find black really boring. I went to the same university as accessories designer Fred Butler and used to love seeing her turn up in a different colour outfit for everyday of the week and I'll never forget the all-pink be-overalled woman I used to see when I was going through my pink phase (I was only five mind you!). A recent article by Joanna Goddard shows the lives of New Yorkers who stick to only one colour all day, every day.

I love looking at the images of these kaleidoscopic residents of the Big Apple, but I'm far too greedy to stick to one colour only. I could be persuaded to try a Fred Butler style daily colour change and these pictures have wanting to go through my wardrobe and colour-code it like a branch of Oxfam!

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