Friday, September 07, 2007

Maggie Q in shortalls at the Balls of Fury premiere

Short-alls was the trend this year that we all hoped would just pass by quickly. Really, only one out of a bazillion people look good in short-alls. Like....Maggie Q. Her sleek gray outfit mixes things up a bit by being a strapless tube short-all, and she polishes off the look with simple gold earrings and pale yellow Louboutin heels. (A fab reminder that gray and yellow is a gorgeous combination of colors.) I give the girl major props for being gutsy enough to try this look on the red carpet, and for keeping things simple to highlight exactly how sleek shortalls can be. And I can't wait to see the movie - previews for the underground ping pong tournament with Christopher Walken as the king pin look hilarious. Try the shortall look in a simpler style, on sale, for US$147.

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