Friday, September 07, 2007

Jennifer Lopez' on-set photos for her latest music video, Do It Well

Yikes! Check out the on-set photos from Jennifer Lopez' latest music video, Do It Well! I'm Not Obsessed has it exactly right - Jenny On The Block looks fierce! Erm, well, yes, she does look a little scary (if looks could kill!) since that eyeliner gives her cheekbones killer definition and an extremely exotic yet terrifying look to her face.

However, I give her huge kudos for the fab fringe skirt worn waist-high with a square-buckle patent belt. (And look! She's got black nails - I haven't seen that for at least a few months!)

Anyone remember that cardinal rule - either show lots on top, or lots on the bottom? Jlo keeps the balance perfectly in mind, and therefore keeps it modest on top with that basic crew-neck tank top since its a totally different story on the bottom - she's showing miles and miles of those fabulous legs.

I'm sure the video will showcase her vivacious dancing ability, and we'll see even more of her toned thighs. Can't wait!

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