Thursday, September 20, 2007

London Fashion Week: Matthew Williamson

Taking his turn at the end of a triumphant return to London Fashion Week (wearing the same fab gold shoes Kim and I were admiring when
we met him last week...) Matthew Williamson had reason to smile. Not only had he pulled off a publicity coup by getting Prince to perform on the catwalk (in fact Prince offered), he'd shown the kind of beautiful collection we've grown to expect from him; feminine, timeless, exotic and commercially viable. It was a trip across the world in prints - from African to Aztec and everything in between - topped off with his trademark boho printed evening frocks...

Williamson is not the kind of designer who uses shock tactics to sell clothes. His bohemian sensibility means his collections are almost always rooted in prints, chiffons and amazing embellishment. From beautiful slouchy trenches over sequin drenched mini dresses to tunics covered in South American beaded motifs, and skinny pastel striped trousers to printed neckerchiefs and metallic shorts, the show was a riot of world influences that somehow worked together despite being so diverse. You may not like every piece, but with so many ideas working together, there's definitely something for everyone.

The show finished in true Williamson style with frilled and printed sheer frocks and golden versions of the laced sandals that had previously matched the daywear in various bright shades. The black and pastel kaleidoscope print is bound to be a bestseller, coming as it did in a variety of dresses from the long, frilled maxi above to shorter more flirty numbers. And for those who'd rather go for block colour there was even a red rosette covered offering. Now where did I put my credit card...?

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