Friday, September 07, 2007

Paris' October Magazine Covers: GQ Germany, Elle UK

Uh oh, she's baaack... she hasn't been making as many appearances on tabloids lately (she's quite busy with the business end of things, with that Kitson line launch and so forth, dontcha know) but that doens't we won't see Paris in magazines anymore. Quite contrary - this month she nabs two full-size magazine spreads showcasing her in various stages of undress.

Elle UK claims to present a new "Paris Reinvented" smartly dressed in business clothing, but GQ Germany shows the famous heiress rather undressed, with her old long locks. Before and after, perhaps? Old Paris, and New Paris? Or the same ole Paris any way you look at it?

[Sources/Images: Egotastic, A Socialite's Life]

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