Thursday, September 20, 2007

London Fashion Week: Giles S/S '08

It's been described as "randomness incarnate" by and random it certainly was, but wonderfully thrilling at the same time no less. There was no clear message or linking pattern that tied all the different elements of Giles Deacon's spring/summer '08 collection together, but perhaps that was the whole point.

Dark denim paved the way for the beginning of the show in tailored dresses, coats and skirts. Then the ecclectic mix kicked off featuring different fabrics, prints, textures and cuts in varying styles of dresses.

References to Kate Moss (her face was blurred on silk dresses) and a print of Bambi being slaughtered were just a few of the unusual yet strangely fascinating elements of the collection. Was he asking why are we so obsessed with Kate? And who killed Bambi's mother?

Delicate tree leaves were layered in a range of different colour shades and Deacon's use of different materials, i.e. rubber bands in replace of fur trimmed collars, was proof of his desire to create new textiles. “Rather than sequins, we’ve developed something a bit more interesting,” he recently told the Daily Rubbish. Mission accomplished, I'd say!

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