Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Beyonce hearts big pants!

What does it take to become a successful R&B diva like Beyonce? A fabulous voice, naturally, a bootylicious figure and one mega rap star boyfriend - and oh yes, a pair of big pants!

It seems Beyonce loves herself a pair of Bridget Jones-esque briefs. Not only is she wearing a pair under this Dolce and Gabanna dress (that's right B, we can see them), she was also spotted wearing them on stage in Shanghai.

Now, big pants may not be your idea of fetching underwear but if it gives us the enviable figure of Ms. Knowles, we'll put in an order for say, oooh, ten pairs? In fact, whilst we're at it, we'll lead you over to our newly created magic pants list where it's spandex/slimming/maxi pants galore!

We know, we know, it’s just what you were looking for to smooth out those extra, shall we say, lumps and bumps under your gorgeous new LBD. Don't thank us now; thank us later when you've enjoyed your third Krispy Kreme of the day!

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