Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Stella pulls Heather's leg with necklace

HOLLYWOOD is in stitches over a rumour that Sir Paul McCartney's daughter Stella designed a necklace featuring one leg for his ex-wife Heather Mills, whom she famously hates.

According to gossip guru Perez Hilton, Sir Paul’s designer daughter has exacted revenge on the 'evil' Mills by reportedly creating the one-leg necklace.

silver, single-limbed pendant dedicated to Heather Mills was unveiled to a select group of fashion industry players in Paris recently; it’s set to launch in the spring or summer 2008.

“A lot of people thought it was really edgy, while others secretly thought it was out of order,” a source said.

“It’s such an obvious dig. It will cause a stir when it goes on sale.”

Stella, a fashion designer, and her former step-mother have never made any secret about their extreme dislike for one another.

And Mills recently provoked the ire of the public when she rejected a $100m divorce settlement proposal from McCartney before embarrassing herself by going on a tirade on UK television about he way she had been treated in the press.

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