Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Brad and Angelina - they're the new Kelly and Billy!

OK, you American celebrities: stop this right now. We've already had Jessica Simpson looking like Jordan. The last thing we need is another Kelly Brook and Billy Zane.

Brangelina strutted their stuff at the Los Angeles premiere of Beowulf last night - well, it's been at least two weeks since either of them promoted a new film, hasn't it? - and "their stuff" looked very much like "Kelly Brook and Billy Zane's stuff".

Flat cap for him? Check. Rather dowdy, middle-aged outfit for her? Check. Overall a pretty badly dressed couple? Check.

The only possible reason I can give for this is that renowned Anglophile Brad has been tuning into Strictly Come Dancing of a Saturday night. And that Angelina has lost all her skills honed as a UN Ambassador and has started to acquiesce to Brad's dodgy sartorial taste.

Which are pretty tenuous reasons, admittedly. But you never know.

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