Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Katie Holmes completes marathon, goes to premiere

We've all done it. Completed a marathon and then gone straight to a film premiere, I mean. So I don't know why I'm even reporting this, but here you go...

In case you missed it, Katie Holmes ran the New York marathon on Sunday. She completed the 26.2 mile course in five hours, 29 minutes and 58 seconds - but as Glamour magazine pointed out, the most important part of this feat of human endurance was that she did it "wearing a baseball cap, purple vest, black leggings and the number F127". Katie also managed to run the marathon completely unnoticed... until the last minute, when Tom Cruise unfortunately ruined her disguise by turning up at the finishing line with their baby and giving her a big kiss in front of the cameras. Dammit!

Anyway, what does a girl do after completing a marathon? Why, turn up to her husband's film premiere, of course. Katie hit the red carpet with Tom in New York later that night looking a little tired (can't think why), but smiling like a trooper. Dressed in black, she was also sporting a new centre-parting, which I'm really not too keen on, but hey, have I run a marathon recently? Or ever? No. So I'll just shut up.

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