Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Vogue cops backlash over Victoria Beckham cover

Hindsight is a often a wonderful thing, although perhaps not for the staff over at British Vogue right now.

According to the Daily Star, Vogue readers are still reeling over the mag's decision to feature Victoria Beckham on the cover of its April '08 issue.

The style bible has been criticised for choosing the Spice Girl on this month's cover, with readers complaining that it turns the publication into a gossip rag.

"Normally Vogue is all about what's hip and what's not and features a stunning amazon of a woman on the cover who is associated with cutting edge fashion," commented one fashion fan. "Instead we get a modestly talented dancer who likes clothes and who was lucky enough to engineer her way into one of the biggest girl groups in the world."


If that wasn't bad enough, Beckham has also been panned by comedian Joan Rivers, who branded her "arrogant."

I am guessing then that poor Vic doesn't want to hear what some folks are saying about her latest
Marc Jacobs campaign shots, like the one above. Thumb-sucking anyone?

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