Saturday, April 05, 2008

Diamond thong centre of attention at Singapore Fashion Festival

Ouch. The words 'diamond' and 'thong' put together don't really conjure up images of the most comfy undies in the world do they?

But a £60,700 diamond thong became very much the centre of attention at a show during the Singapore Fashion Festival.

The Triumph Luxurious Diamond Thong had 518 brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 30 carats, which were studded into a floral pattern on the front of the garment.

Romanian model Danielle Luminita was hoisted onto the shoulders of two male models, who paraded the thong-wearing blonde down the catwalk.

"It is very comfortable, it's not heavy or scratchy or anything," Luminita said backstage.

The thong was commissioned by Triumph International, who said the garment would be drycleaned before being put on display.


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