Saturday, April 05, 2008

Topshop want us to earn money as we shop, hooray!

Getting paid to shop sounds like something which would only happen in my dreams (and I'm sure probably has!), but as of tomorrow, it seems my dreams will turn to reality at Topshop.

The UK retail chain - aka my home away from home - is introducing a Style Advisor membership card which will be a godsend for those of us who spend a little bit too much time gallivanting around the many levels in Oxford Street... (or any other branch for that matter).

All we have to do to collect rewards is shop with the Style Advisor service Topshop provides. It's not particularly a hardship anyway, when you consider the service helps inform you of the hottest looks, how to put them together and what looks suit you. And, unbelievably, it's free!

Aside from being rewarded with more money to spend at Topshop, the card is also your means of accessing the latest insider news on upcoming collections, get the low-down on all the hottest in-store events and even have a chance to win tickets to London Fashion Week.It's free to sign up - yippee! You can find out more info by visiting the Style Advisor pages on


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