Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Shape February 2008: Carrie Underwood

OK, so I think we've finally exhausted the roster of pregnant February cover girls! Now for someone sans bun-in-oven.Carry Underwear - ahem, Carrie Underwood - is on the cover of next month's Shape.

It's hard to judge the overall artistic quality of a cover that screams, "SHRINK YOUR BELLY BULGE," but I think the photo of Carrie is fab. She's lost weight since her Idol days (like many of her cohorts), but doesn't look crazy-skinny...just toned, healthy, and glowing (I wonder who does her tans? Probably Jimmy Coco, that guy is a faux-tan genius).

Still, there's been a bit of a debate since Carrie's slim-down, with critics saying she's destined to become the next Incredible Shrinking Celebrity.
What do you think?

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