Tuesday, January 22, 2008

'Queen of Burlesque' Dita von Teese to become face - and body - of Wonderbra

It seems a match made in underwear heaven: one of the world's best-known lingerie brands and a woman most famous for parading round in nothing but spangly bra and knickers.

Dita von Teese, 35, the sexy striptease artist who reintroduced the world to the joys of burlesque, is set to become the new face of Wonderbra, it was announced today.

Known as The Queen of Burlesque, von Teese is feted for having rejuvenated the 1940s art of classic striptease and is famed for both her feather fan dance and her "bathtub" show.

The former wife of goth rock star Marilyn Manson, she is also designing her own limited edition collection of Wonderbra underwear.

Her designs will draw on 1940s lingerie styles and vintage underwear fashion – a style that von Teese has made her own.

Her famous stage act, in which she writhes around in a giant martini glass, was the subject of a light-hearted homage in the film Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle.

She is also a famous wearer of tightlaced corsets which are able to restrict her already diminutive waist down to an incredible 16 and a half inches.

Von Teese can regularly be seen on stage in oversize champagne glasses and once performed naked save for $5million worth of diamonds for a benefit show at the New York Academy of Art.

The former glamour model has even outlined her unique take on undressing in public in a bestselling book Burlesque And The Art Of The Teese/Fetish And The Art Of The Teese.

The burlesque star follows in the footsteps of glamorous models Eva Herzigova and Adriana Karembeu, who have previously modelled for the iconic push-up bra brand.

She will model the new collection for a Wonderbra photo shoot in Paris in the next few weeks.

Von Teese said: "I really hope that with this new range, I can share my passion for sensual, wearable lingerie that will add a touch of glamour to people's everyday lives."

Wonderbra by Dita von Teese will hit stores in the UK and France in September.

Source: DailyMail

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