Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Pob, Paris Hilton style at Sundance

After looking through a lot of celebrities photos taken so far from the Sundance Film Festival, I was tempted not to post about Paris Hilton, because she gets up to far too much and do you really want to know what boy she tried to pick up and what eye sore she wore? But I couldn't resist the urge to post a picture of her hair do. Now keep in mind that this is a girl who probably has weekly trips to her hairdresser (or he has weekly trips to her), so why is she sporting this bob with longer strands down the left side off her face?

Is she trying to do a "pob" Victoria Beckham style where the front is longer than the back? or is she hiding something behind that hair? Either way, I'm not a fan, at least Victoria's 'Pob' was more well kept.

[Image from Getty]

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