Friday, January 09, 2009

Gallery: Golden Globe predictions and favourites

Shiny Style has news of the celebs who'll be attending Sunday's Golden Globes ceremony, and with a red carpet line-up that includes the likes of Brad and Angelina, Drew Barrymore, Blake Lively, Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Lopez and Salma Hayek, we can expect some memorable moments. So now we can move onto important predicting what they'll wear (and more importantly, what we wish they'd wear).

Armani couture is always a favourite at award shows (especially if Beyonce, Cate or Katie are in attendance) so no doubt someone will turn up in one of Georgio's understatedly glam frocks. This black one with silver trim is a good bet.
The Globes are one of the only award shows where it's (just about) acceptable to wear a shorter dress. Balmain is the name on everyone's lips - perhaps Kate Winslet will follow on the success of her Revolutionary Road premiere outfit and wear another risky LBD to show off her enviable figure? Or perhaps someone else will have the guts to go where Gemma Arterton lead the way in one of the chiffon micro-mini dresses with long trains in the back?
No doubt there'll be plenty of black on the red carpet, but just because it's classic, it doesn't have to be boring. British designers Basso and Brooke modernise a black satin dress with a signature print across the hem. This would be perfect for a young, fashion-forward attendee, though I doubt anyone will have the guts to go for it!
Speaking of edgy black dresses, no doubt some Carolina Herrera will crop up on Sunday night. Hopefully, it'll be this strapless fishtail number with an almost wet-look top.
Roberto Cavalli knows how to do over the top glamour, and this dress, with its sea anemone-like frills down the skirt, is just that. I would love to see this on someone who normally wears plain, classic clothes, just to spice things up a bit!
Though it may be just a bit too ostentatious in its catwalk form, I think this Dior couture dress would be brilliant with a few modifications. Either changing it to a block colour or removing the fur trim, it suddenly becomes a wearable - if very dramatic - cocktail frock that'll definitely command attention!
Romantic, feminine and flattering, this lilac Elie Saab dress is bound to appear on the Red Carpet at some point. I can see Blake Lively in this, softening her Amazonian figure with the gentle drapes.
Another romantic, feminine option, this time from Jenny Packham, who's been cropping up on the red carpet loads recently, especially on younger celebs. Will Hayden Panettiere forego the usual fitted mini dresses in favour of something more girly?

Jonathan Saunders' move to New York put him up there with the big players, and this dress from his Spring / Summer 2009 show screams red carpet glam. Anne Hathaway, I hope you're listening!
Golden Globes, golden dress. Why not? Marchesa and the red carpet are synonymous now, and this is one of the few dresses that we haven't already seen more than once at big events. Who'll wear it? We'll have to wait and see...
Colour has been sadly lacking recently - are people dressing down because of the recession? Whatever the reason, big events like the Golden Globes are the perfect excuse to go bold. I love the soft ombre fading of this Naeem Khan dress, and the embellished bust tops it off perfectly. Perhaps one for bohemian attendee Cameron Diaz?
The Nina Ricci collection was one of many that featured the new gown silhouette that's short at the front and long in the back (Balmain, Elie Saab and others also used this shape). Will Nina Ricci devotee Reese Witherspoon be there to give this frock an airing (sans coat?) Or will someone else give the look a go? Here's hoping someone is leggy enough to pull it off!
Rodarte are amongst the crop of current fashion darlings, so their delicate, beautifully constructed dresses are everywhere...who'll be wearing this number on the night? We shall see!
If I don't see something from Versace's heart-covered range at the Globes, I'll be very surprised. This white frock is probably the biggest show-stopper, so here's hoping it's picked by a savvy stylist.

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