Sunday, January 04, 2009

Get a sneaky peek at the costume designs for Australia

Vogue have the scoop on the costumes from the festive season's biggest film release - Australia - as costume designer Catherine Martin has given them a look at some of the pages of her sketchbooks from the film.

Martin is married to director Baz Luhrmann, and is the woman behind the costumes and production design on all his biggest films. She is the woman who put Leo and Claire in Prada and Dolce & Gabbana for Romeo + Juliet, and she's also the lady behind those amazing Moulin Rouge dresses.

For Australia, she's put Nicole Kidman in everything from full-length Cheongsam dresses to Salvatore Ferragamo boots. It's destined to be yet another visual feast from camp Luhrmann, and we can't wait to see it!

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