Friday, October 05, 2007

Victoria Beckham at Roberto Cavalli's Paris store opening

After the bus load of celebrities that showed up for Roberto Cavalli’s New York store opening a few weeks ago, one could almost expect to see another bus load show up for the Roberto Cavalli flagship store opening in Paris. Instead the biggest names to walk down the red carpet were Roberto Cavalli, his wife Eva, Victoria Beckham and Jade Jagger. While the celebrity opening was on last night, the store won’t be open for business just yet.

The IHT reports that the store was not “overwhelmed with the patterns, prints or large furniture that one has come to expect from Cavalli over the years.” And it also features a VIP room on the second floor where the high paying clients will be able to sip on a Cavalli Marabu cocktail. Apparently a seven-story Cavalli store is due to open in 2008 – so perhaps that is why only Victoria and Jade were representing the international celebrity crowd?

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