Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tom, Katie and Suri Cruise outside Photography Studio in NYC

A family is reunited after Tom Cruise and daughter Suri rejoin Katie in New York City.

TomKat, Suri and entourage made their arrival at the studio, complete with entourage. Tom first helped his daughter out of the car and then assisted Katie, before they finally entered the building as the security detail prevented paps from getting too close.

On the Move
Tom: V-neck sweater, white shirt, pants and jacket. I look smokin’. So what if my wife is a few years older than my other daughter.

Katie: With this olive/eggplant striped number and neutral backpack, I’m ready for the next semester of California Univ.

Suri: Cute as I am, I could give Shiloh a run for her money.
Ok, so maybe Katie’s outfit is connected to her film. But if it isn’t, it certainly does nothing for her efforts to shrink the age gap between her and hubby Tom.

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