Friday, October 05, 2007

Paris Fashion Week: Jean Paul Gaultier S/S '08 show

It was a swashbuckling adventure at yesterday's Jean Paul Gaultier Spring/Summer '08 show with models including Lily Cole (above, middle) swaggering down the catwalk in Captain Jack Sparrow-inspired creations. Has the designer been watching a little too much Pirates of the Caribbean? I wouldn't blame him... it is Johnny Depp after all.
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The show opened with some pretty serious camouflage, appearing in everything from breeches to loose waist coats, to skirts, hats and bags. Everything seemed to be trussed and held together with large leather belts, corsets and primitive ties.

The first half of the show took on an early century adventurer feel with pirate-inspired wide brimmed hats, military jackets and colonial skirts. This was mixed with loads of sea-faring stripes and a distinctive edge towards tribal prints, a real clashing of colours and textures with the unmissable odd tutu here and there. There was simply too much to absorb all in one outfit - layering, my friends, is definitely not on the way out!

The final part of the show turned to the brides of the ships' captains in a parade of lace, netting and crochet. The smoking ban also appeared to be ignored with Gaultier as his early settler ladies delicately flaunted their long cigarettes held between lace fingerless gloves.

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